What event do you want Upstate to hold next?

At Upstate, we love getting in amongst our friends and family, putting on live events and helping out the local community.

After all, it’s why we designed our versatile office to be open plan and super welcoming! To bring people in to enjoy the space.

Recently, we held a successful charity event onsite and it was an excellent example of the potential our office has to offer. Check it out for yourself in the below video.

So now we’re asking you: what would you like us to do next? We’re open to everything.

Upstate hosts charity night for One Eighty

One Eighty is an amazing organisation set up for young people by young people, to develop and implement projects which support people and prevent youth suicide.

Sadly, suicide is a major cause of preventable deaths in Australia, and as part of our dedication making mental health a priority, we offered our office as a venue to raise awareness.

This wellness event, run by the amazing Samantha Flook from The Core Health, was incredibly successful, with over 50 people in attendance and over $800 raised for the charity. Woo hoo!

We would like to thank everyone who came to support such a wonderful and noble cause.

This got us thinking about what to do next!

At Upstate, our vision for future events is all about bringing the local community together, stretching our minds and providing a space for people to create new connections.

So, who better to ask than you?

Here are some ideas of events you may like:

  • Local hobby markets

We will open our doors to all local arts, crafts and hobby start-ups from across Sydney’s North Shore so they can display their works, and you can browse their wares.

It’s all about giving our precious local businesses exposure!

  • Real Estate educational workshops

Of course, we have a team of real estate professionals on hand at Upstate. So, who better to learn from than them?

We can run property portfolio and wealth creation workshops, or share our investment tips in 2019 and 2020, so you can discover how to be a savvy seller and investor.

  • Food and wine tasting night

How about an evening where we source some local produce from chefs, vineyards and farms across NSW? You can speak to the producers themselves and have an indulgent taste of everything!

  • Experience the latest digital real estate technology

Digital technology is changing rapidly, and we’d like to show you what the future holds in real estate. See firsthand all of the new tech in property, including automation, Virtual Reality and much more.

  • Family Movie night

Everyone loves a great family outing to watch a movie, and why not project it onto our state-of-the-art screens? Bring the kids along and enjoy an awesome night out together with your neighbours.

  • Charities and local teams

Good causes deserve a good platform, and Upstate would love to play host. If you know of a charity, local team or Not-For-Profit who would love a venue to share their message and raise awareness, pick us!

  • Christmas Celebrations

The year wouldn’t be complete without the annual Christmas party. We’re considering having all our clients, friends and families around to share a little cheer in December. Are you in?

Did any of these get your creative juices going? Ok, it’s your turn!

What event do you want Upstate to host next?

Our team are keen to hear your ideas, thoughts and suggestions! It can be anything from real estate and property, to food, wine, education and shopping (we love it all!).

Simply email us at hello@upstate.com.au, give us a call on 9971 9000 or DM us on our socials.

We look forward to everyone’s ideas and bringing as many as we can to life!

Signing off (and always here to help),
Your local Upstate team

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