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Upstate has been at the forefront of the Northern Beaches real estate evolution since 1922, from the sands of Balgowlah’s beaches to its bustling streets. Our unwavering commitment and vast expertise make properties for sale, commercial properties for sale, and rental properties in Balgowlah, an effortless pursuit for our clients.

Real Estate Agent in Balgowlah: Navigating Your Property Journey with Precision

Our extensive team celebrated as the largest on the Northern Beaches, prides itself on offering tailored solutions, ensuring that your property journey is both rewarding and precise, whether it’s apartments for sale or other real estate in Balgowlah. Dive into a world of opportunity with Upstate at the helm.

Unearth Prime Property For Sale in Balgowlah

Balgowlah, a gem on the Northern Beaches, has many opportunities for potential homeowners and investors. With Upstate’s unmatched expertise, navigate through a rich selection of properties for sale in this sought-after locale. We have it all, whether standout commercial properties for sale, ideal for thriving businesses, or beautiful residential spaces echoing Balgowlah’s charm. Our commitment ensures that every property in Balgowlah we showcase reflects quality and value. Let Upstate be your guiding hand in securing the perfect piece of Balgowlah’s real estate tapestry.

Captivating Houses for Sale in Balgowlah

Are you embarking on the journey to find your dream home in Balgowlah? At Upstate, we showcase a spectrum of choices, from chic units for sale that epitomise urban elegance to expansive houses for sale in Balgowlah, each radiating a unique charm. Whether you’re drawn to the contemporary vibes of our units or the tranquil luxury of our homes, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. With a deep understanding of Balgowlah’s property landscape and the needs of its residents, we’re committed to helping you find a house and a home where memories are made.

Seamless Solutions for Rental Properties in Balgowlah

Navigating the rental market in Balgowlah? Upstate has you covered. Our comprehensive catalogue of rental properties caters to every taste and requirement, whether you’re after a snug haven or a grand dwelling. Each of our properties for rent in Balgowlah has been carefully picked to ensure they meet our exacting standards of quality and comfort. Our dedication to service means we’re with you at every step, making your journey from browsing to moving as smooth as can be. Discover the perfect rental properties tailored just for the Balgowlah lifestyle.

Premium Apartments for Rent in Balgowlah

When you think of home, think Upstate. Dive into our diverse selection of apartments in Balgowlah that promise more than just a roof over your head. Our apartments for rent are a testament to contemporary luxury, harmoniously paired with the warmth of home. Each unit for rent showcases meticulous design and attention to detail, ensuring a modern and comfortable lifestyle. With our range of units for rent tailored to cater to varied preferences, we ensure that every individual finds their perfect haven in Balgowlah. Experience a home that’s uniquely yours with Upstate.

Elevate Your Balgowlah Property Journey with Upstate

The Upstate Advantage

  • Rooted in Legacy: Spanning across the decades since 1922, our steadfast dedication to excellence in realty is unmatched in the Northern Beaches.
  • All-Round Expertise: Beyond buying and selling, we’re your holistic real estate compass, offering everything from adept property management to informed financial counsel.
  • Prioritising You: At Upstate, you’re not just another client. Our modern, tech-driven approach and cherished Australian values ensure you get a tailored, first-class experience every time.

Embark on Your Property Expedition

Keen to dive into the Balgowlah property market? Phil Feseha, our licensed real estate maestro, is here to light your path. Leverage our rich heritage and Phil’s local expertise to make confident, rewarding property decisions. Reach out, and let’s shape your Balgowlah property story together.



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