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Are you searching for a place to call home or an investment in North Balgowlah? Upstate, a symbol of premium realty since 1922, is here to guide you through every step meticulously. Renowned across the Northern Beaches, our services seamlessly blend tradition with innovation. From fetching properties for sale to appealing rental properties, our expertise ensures you find exactly what you desire.

Your Trusted Partner: Real Estate Agent in North Balgowlah

Experience Excellence with Upstate

Are you looking for cosy units for rent or valuable units for sale? We present to you an array of exquisite properties in North Balgowlah. Place your trust in Upstate, and let us elevate your experience with real estate in North Balgowlah.

Exquisite Choices: Property for Sale in North Balgowlah

Crafting Your Future Space

Discover your dream property in North Balgowlah with Upstate. Our carefully curated listings range from stunning commercial properties for sale to charming homes that echo the unique allure of the Northern Beaches.

Tailored to Your Vision

Every piece of real estate in North Balgowlah we present is meticulously selected, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your aspirations. From cosy residential corners to thriving commercial spaces, we cover it all.

A Legacy of Excellence

With a longstanding history of top-tier service, Upstate brings you the finest choices in property, ensuring your needs are met with accuracy and care. Trust us to bring your property aspirations to life in the vibrant community of North Balgowlah.

Unearth Sophistication: Houses for Sale in North Balgowlah

Journey to Your Dream Dwelling

In pursuit of houses for sale in North Balgowlah? Allow Upstate to lead you through a curated collection of residences that echo your lifestyle and aspirations. Each property radiates sophistication, from contemporary marvels to timeless sanctuaries.

Tailored Just for You

Our selection of houses for sale in North Balgowlah is meticulously handpicked, ensuring that every home resonates with luxury, comfort, and charm. We’re dedicated to guiding you effortlessly towards a residence where every detail mirrors your desires.

Transforming Visions into Homes

Trust Upstate to seamlessly transform your visions of an ideal home into a tangible reality in the vibrant community of North Balgowlah.

Your Comfort Zone: Rental Properties in North Balgowlah

Seamless Living Solutions

Exploring the rental landscape? Discover a place that feels distinctly yours with Upstate’s selected range of rental properties in North Balgowlah. Each property mirrors the area’s essence, offering you not just a house but a home. With properties for rent that resonate with North Balgowlah’s charm, Upstate streamlines your search, moulding it to your preferences. Experience the true essence of North Balgowlah living, curated just for you.

Luxury Living: Apartments for Rent and Sale in North Balgowlah

Finding Your Perfect Space

Step into a world of luxury with Upstate. From stylish apartments for rent to cosy apartments ready for ownership, we bring you diverse choices in North Balgowlah. Each apartment is a testament to Upstate’s commitment to quality and elegance. Find your perfect space, be it a rental haven or a property to call your own, and experience living redefined with Upstate.

Elevate Your Property Journey: Connect with Upstate

Step into Excellence

Entrust your property aspirations to a partner that understands. Upstate, a symbol of prestige and decades of unmatched service, is ready to elevate your property experience.

Why Wait?

Don’t just dream of the perfect home or lucrative property deal. Let us bring them to life. Reach out and discover a seamless, personalised real estate journey.

Speak with Phil

For tailored advice and unwavering support, connect with Phil, our licensed real estate agent in North Balgowlah. From queries to comprehensive assistance, Phil ensures your real estate journey is seamless.

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Contact Upstate and witness your real estate visions transform into reality. Your future in North Balgowlah is just a call away. Let’s start this journey together.



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