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This unique European community based on a hilltop between Dee Why and Beacon Hill is a worldly gem amongst the towns in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. With a large Italian population, the Mediterranean influence on local food and culture combined with sweeping views of the ocean make this township a modern choice for young families and professionals alike.


By far the most international community in the Northern Beaches, with 70% of its community hailing from beautiful Italy, this hilltop paradise boasts some of the most spectacular sweeping ocean views the Northern Beaches have to offer. The European touch is tangible in this spacious town, with local cuisines and stores reflecting the worldly community that lives here.

Nestled in between Dee Why and Beacon Hill, this thriving community is quite unique in that over 60% of the houses in the area are free-standing. With its ample space and affordable pricing, the demographics of the area have seen a shift towards younger families and professionals over the past few years – with its safe streets and two local primary schools making it the perfect spot for young kids.

The town itself has all the day-to-day essentials – with a supermarket, cafes, bottle shop and delis scattered along the main street. And just in case more serious shopping is the order of the day, both Dee Why and Warringah Mall are just 10 minutes down the road. Dee Why is also home to a spectacular beach, which is just a short walk away for those hot summer days, and the infamous Manly Beach is only a 10-minute drive away.

Our team here at Upstate is specialised in real estate, property management and development across our home turf in the Northern Beaches. Now, we don’t want to be the kinds of people who throw around words like ‘award-winning’ and ‘expert knowledge’, but with our combined experience and exceptional results across residential, commercial, retail and office space, we’re proud to be changing the real estate game for those looking to find themselves in a better place.

Make It Happen with a Real Estate Agent in Narraweena

Upstate stands as a beacon of real estate excellence in Narraweena. Our commitment is more than just showcasing properties; it’s about bringing visions to life. From properties for sale to captivating commercial spaces and rental properties in Narraweena, we’re here for you at every step.

Our dedication transcends mere transactions. With a blend of innovation, expertise, and unwavering trust, Upstate aims to be more than just agents. We are your guiding star in the vast Narraweena property sky, lighting your path to the perfect property.

Navigating through property decisions can be overwhelming, but with Upstate, the journey becomes seamless and enriched. Whether you’re eyeing luxurious houses or unique commercial properties for sale, we are your trusted gateway to the best Narraweena offers.

Dive into the World of Property For Sale in Narraweena

Narraweena is a tapestry of culture and charm, unfolding many property aspirations. Upstate unveils a diverse portfolio brimming with apartments for sale within its folds. Whether a sleek modern apartment or a spacious residence, each property tells its tale of luxury and comfort.

But the allure of Narraweena doesn’t end there. This vibrant suburb boasts a property landscape as vast as its cultural richness. From sprawling estates to the cosiest of bungalows, every nook of Narraweena has a story, and we at Upstate are here to help you discover it.

Navigating this vast property world might seem daunting, but with Upstate by your side, it becomes an exhilarating adventure. Whether contemporary masterpieces or timeless classic homes, we ensure your property in Narraweena is grounded in reality.

Discover Your Dream Abode: Houses for Sale in Narraweena

Every individual has a unique property vision. At Upstate, we cater to these dreams with a diverse range of properties for sale. Our listings, from the modern units for sale to the expansive apartments for sale, resonate with variety and elegance. Narraweena is where stories are crafted; with Upstate, you’re at the heart of these tales.

With houses for sale in Narraweena, there’s an untold narrative. We’re here to help you pen yours. Dive into our extensive properties, discover the charm of units for sale, and let’s embark on a journey to find your dream house.

Embrace the Rental Properties in Narraweena

Stepping into Narraweena is embracing an experience. For those wishing to soak in its magic temporarily, Upstate showcases the finest rental properties. With our curated list of properties for rent, from the snug units for rent to the grand houses, every rental becomes an extension of home.

Rental dreams in Narraweena are varied, and we at Upstate are poised to cater to each. As the leading voice in rental properties, we promise a house and haven. Whether it’s an apartment overlooking the city or a unit nestled in tranquillity, your rental dream awaits here.

Apartments for Rent: Narraweena’s Best

Narraweena’s apartments are a blend of modernity and comfort. Upstate’s apartment-for-rent portfolio is a testament to luxury living. From penthouses with panoramic views to cosy apartments, our properties for rent ensure a living experience unlike any other.

Our selection of units for rent is unparalleled for those who value sophistication and style. With Upstate, you don’t just rent an apartment; you embrace a lifestyle. Each rental property promises comfort, convenience, and a touch of luxury.

Ignite Your Narraweena Journey with Upstate

Narraweena beckons, and with Upstate, you’re poised to answer its call. We’re not just about property but about dreams, aspirations, and trust. Whether it’s your first property or a new rental venture, Upstate ensures an excellent experience.

Set Sail on Your Narraweena Dream!

Embark on a property voyage that’s as distinctive as you are. With Upstate by your side, each step becomes a memorable milestone. Dive deep into our exceptional collection of Narraweena gems, each curated to match your unique aspirations. With Frank, our real estate maestro, steering your journey, crafting your Narraweena narrative has never been more personal or thrilling. Connect with Upstate today and let your dream Narraweena tale begin!



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