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Our vision is to create a unique real estate agency that is purpose built for our staff. Creating a supportive, innovative and digital-first agency that is an enterprise sized company with the service of a boutique business.

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Residential Sales & Marketing Administrator


Sales / Support

Permanent / Full Time


Sales Associate


Sales / Support

Permanent / Full Time


The Upside
The Upside
The sky's the limit
with the Upstate
team behind you.
The Culture
The Culture
Community and like minded
collaboration are at
the heart of everything we do.
The Perks
The Perks
Awesome social events. Check.
Subsidised gym, yoga, pilates, mindfulness courses.
Check check check. And, of course, great coffee.

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Moving to Upstate Made Easy

Database migration

We make it easy and stress-free for you to bring all your contacts into one, simple to use system. Whether you’ve got a spreadsheet, a CRM, scraps of paper or just your good old memory bank, we’ll get you organised so you can take advantage of the marketing tools you need to get the job done. From targeted letters, emails, social posts, through to SMS messages to potential buyers.

Done-for-you Marketing

Sure. The name of the game is selling property. But in order to do that, your vendors have to buy you first. Together we will tailor a marketing plan that will keep you top-of-mind in the right areas so that you have the foundations to begin to build solid, lasting relationships from the ground up.

Hiring and Associates

Whether it’s for administration, lead generation, buyers’ associates or a combination of them all, we’ll help you hire, train and manage your associates into the dream team you need to focus on your bigger picture - selling properties.

Sales support

We’ve got your back. With Upstate, you’ve got an entire army of marketing and support staff behind you to build your proposals, create your ads, and enter your marketing data. All you need to do? Focus on what you do best: build connections, find leads and make those sales


You can’t get to your destination if you don’t know where you’re going. At Upstate, we set clear goals and devise the strategies we need to achieve them. Why? Because when an entire team is working towards the same endpoint, we know we’re all aligned in doing what it takes to get there.

Training and development

We’re a curious bunch here at Upstate, always looking for ways to keep our edge on the industry. Our constant hunger for information means bringing together all the activities and tutorials you need to stay ahead of the game - including regular training sessions from leading industry expert, Josh Phegan. This not only makes sure our internal wealth of knowledge continues to grow, but also means that everything we learn is passed down to our associates to help them thrive as part of Upstate’s future.

Progression Chart

Role: Leasing Lead Generator PM or Sales BDM Sales Assistant Co-Agent Sales Agent with Team Director / Business Shareholder
Big 3: Conduct OFI Prospecting Potential Landlord Acqusition Campaign management (client facing with guidance) Prospecting Listings, sales & income Recruitement & Retention
Potential tenant sourcing Database Management Nuture Marketing Overflow Prospecting Listing Prospecting / Listing Brand marketing
Owner communications Sales team engagement Buyer Management Buyer Management Team direction Financials
Routine Inspections Listing
Property Marketing

Jobs Available

Lead Sales

It’s time to step up from your current office and join the big league, let us help build you and your career so you can be your best.

Sales Associate

So you have been in Real Estate for a year or two and sales is what your born to do, let us partner you with a lead agent that can mentor you and grow you into your own sales career

Staff Testimonials

Everything is here for an agent to become the very best agent they can be. My only regret is that I didn’t join sooner.
David Bain

Having worked for numerous Real Estate agencies does over the course of my Real Estate career I have a good understanding of how businesses run and believe me Raine & Horne Dee Why/Collaroy is like no other agency. One which I hope to call my forever home.

Meschell Howarth & Peter Mosedale will do anything to make your goals and dreams come true.

The constant training they provide both externally and internally no other agency provides. Pete's vision is amazing and in turn we have the latest technology at our fingertips so we can make our clients experience better and soon will have the most modern and spectacular office in the country. You can really see why Raine & Horne is the number 1 on the beaches and Australia.

It feels like a home, everyone gets along really well it's like a family, every month we all go out for work drinks and the parties they throw are amazing, Pete even brings Bacon & Egg rolls and coffees the next day to help with hangovers.

If you are thinking of working in Real Estate, don't make the same mistake I did working at other agencies and start at Raine & Horne.

You can call anyone one of the 70 staff and they will tell you the exact same.

Matthew Sym

What We Will Do To Make It More Appealing


The Property Manager is inducted into their portfolio with a comprehensive handover.

Full training is provided on Our Property, Log it out, REST and all the templates.

Full support with any issues transitioning into the portfolio


Dialogue training and ongoing weekly group training sessions

Training on customer service expectations

Guidance through all processes and procedures

One on one training with our Department Manager

Teamed with a Property Manager as their go to, to assist in any issues that might arise

Portfolio Management

An introduction email is sent out to all landlords with New PMS details.

Assigned a dedicated leasing person, trust accountant, and Business Systems Operator

Phone & Ipad provided for all communication.

Property Management Career Progression

Role: Receptionist Leasing Property Officer Property Manager Department Manager
Big 3: Front of house operation Potential tenant sourcing Manage a small portfolio Arrears & routine maintenance request Team engagement
Client engagement Phone & face to face Applications Arrears & Maintenance request Portfolio Management Direction of day to day activities
Staff Engagement Owner communications until let Customer Service Customer Service Management to landlords & tenants Dispute resolution

Jobs Available

Lead Sales

It’s time to step up from your current office and join the big league, let us help build you and your career so you can be your best.

Sales Associate

Did we say customer service expert, yes that’s right at upstate tech does the heavy lifting whilst you do what you do best, help people out and make their lives easier.

Staff Testimonials

Raine and Horne is honestly like no other office I have worked in. Working in such a competitive and fast paced industry, you need to have good systems, procedures and policies in place. Having worked in multiple offices over the past 12+ years and I can truly say this office is leaps and bounds ahead of its competition. The staff, management and directors are always approachable, supportive and more than happy to collaborate their ideas and experience. They make you feel like part of the family, so coming to work feels more like a privilege than a chore. When we break records, the directors regularly reward us with exciting social and team bonding events. I have worked here for nearly 2 years and have not thought about leaving the company once.
Michael Brown

From the first day I started and met our team at RHDYC, I instantly felt at home in a workplace sense.

The training that RHDYC has offered & with their belief in their staff, has enabled me to progress from Front Office Manager to my current role as a Property Manager.

Working with a fun, vibrant, outgoing yet professional team makes every day different and never the same.

I look forward to many more years with my RHDYC family as I could not imagine working anywhere else

Tracey Chalhoub

Without a doubt, the culture in this team is unbeatable.

As a team we are a united force driven to succeed, which keeps me motivated and determined to reach my goals.

We are given endless opportunities to grow and succeed in both our careers and personal lives; frequent industry training, team building, fitness classes and mindfulness practices.

Most of all, my team have become my second family. We support each other, encourage one another and I can honestly say I enjoy every day I spend working along side these amazing people!

Tess Phillips

Career Progression

Transforming the contemporary real estate experience is a big job and we look for the best of the best to help us take it on.With an abundance of training and amazing suppliers, we produce only the best quality marketing for our team to share with their clients.

With such a collaborative and open team, effort and achievement are quickly recognised and rewarded with opportunity and development

Moving to Upstate

Database migration

We make it simple to collate your contacts and place them into our easy-to-use system. Whether your contacts are listed on paper, on a spreadsheet or crm - or even in your head - we’ll organise them so that they’re easily accessible for you to send targeted letters, emails, social posts and SMS messages to potential buyers.

Marketing you

Yes, you’re selling property, but you need to sell YOU, first. Each day you need to be at the top of your game in this game; it’s like one constant job interview between yourself and vendors. So together we will tailor a marketing plan to keep you top-of-mind within specific geographic areas with existing and potential clients.

Hiring and Associates

Experience counts. As does our tried and tested models of hiring. We can help you recruit or promote one of our already trained associates to assist you. Whether it’s administration help, lead generation, buyers’ associates or a combination of them all, you’ll have the assistance you need. It’s all about leverage and leads, so allow us to help you hire, train and manage your associates so you can keep on doing what you do best: sell property.

Sales support

We’ve got your back. With Upstate, you’ve an entire department of highly trained marketing and support staff at your disposal. They’re here to build your proposals, create your ads, and enter your marketing data - all you do is find leads and make those sales. In fact, our highly experienced and enthusiastic internal team members easily write in excess of $500k with no assistance. Now that’s support.


We’re all about working to reach goals (it simply works better that way). So we will help you set clear goals and devise the tactics and actions to help you achieve them. If you don’t set goals, you can’t set a trajectory to get to that better place you want to be. So let’s kick some goals, together.

Training and development

We’re a curious bunch here at Upstate, always seeking the latest and greatest from the best in the industry to stay razor sharp. Among all the activities and tutorials we enlist to keep us ahead of the game, we even invite leading industry expert, Josh Phegan, to regularly visit Upstate HQ to train us. It’s this constant hunger for information and to implement what we learn that ensures our internal wealth of knowledge continues to stay strong and grow. It’s also important that everything we learn is passed down to our associates. In fact, our nanny agents with over 15years experience each give time to train associates - because we love nothing more than to watch someone climb their personal ladder to a better place.

Staff Testimonials

R&HDYC isn’t just a work place – it is almost like family. The environment in which we work in and the people we are with day in and day out, is the main reason as to why I love my job so much. Everyone is a team and happy to help each other achieve both personal and career goals.
Chloe Whitfield
After working in Real Estate for the past 15years and in that time I have worked full time, part time and consulted in at least a dozen different agencies, I can confidently say, "I absolutely love working at Raine & Horne Dee Why" simply because it is run like a well oiled machine. The staff are treated with the utmost respect as we all come from varying backgrounds, ages and nationalities, it’s such a lovely mix of people. We work hard and we play hard, and in return our Directors spoil us several times a year as a thank you. That’s just how they roll !!!
Vanessa Ball

The interview

We don’t believe in making the interview process scary and intimidating. To us, it’s about wanting to find top talent and put you in a position to reach a better place in your career. So together, we will map out your goals, ensuring we’re all aligned, and challenge you to reach them.

Day one

First thing’s first, we’ll give you the tools, the tech, explain our operating system, and familiarise you with the world of Upstate. You’ll be buddied-up with one of our team members to help make your transition into the Upstate family a smooth and seamless one.

Goal setting

This is where it all begins - with a plan. We will set clear goals, and devise the tactics and actionable steps towards achieving them.

Training regime

With over 20 years of experience in the real estate game, we’re pretty handy at identifying the skills you need for success. We’ll work with you to map out your path, and the specific training you need to amplify your personal development - whether that’s on the job mentoring or through mindset training.Milestone reviews We’re constantly checking-in to ensure you are progressing and staying on-track. Are you reaching goals? Are you finding them achievable? Do we need to adjust? Every step of the way, we’re there with you to ensure you reach that better place.


Our Purpose

“To be the definition of the future of real estate -
Find yourself in a better place”

Our Values

We constantly EVOLVE
We embody WELLBEING.
We SUPPORT our people.
We live our BEST lives

Our vibe

Who says classy has to mean stuffy?
Think of us as a premium brand that doesn’t take ourselves too seriously..
An exquisite bottle of French champagne, sipped on a balcony at sunset in a pair of board shorts - yep, that sums us up pretty well. In short? Brilliance delivered with humanity (and a smile).