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If you have a piece of land or development opportunity you wish to sell or amalgamate, you need a specialised sales team with the ideal set of skills to find the best Developers. We can help you with the valuation, provide planning advice and marketing, and assist all the way through to settlement.

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Selling a site is a different world to any property sale and we are experts at it. Whether it’s selling by auction with
registered bidders, or running a full marketing campaign with potential buyers expressing their interest, we have
the systems, knowledge and networks to guide you and your site to a successful sale for the optimum price.
How we do what we do

How we do what we do

Offering you professional advice gained from years of experience, we provide a thorough appraisal based on local research and analysis, to help you earn every dollar from your site through an effective pricing strategy, so you know what offers are worth considering.

Reaching the developer audience

Reaching the developer audience

Developer purchasers are not like regular residential or commercial buyers – they have specific requirements. We assist you by converting all of the information on your site into a digital data presentation, so that Developer businesses can see the top figures at a glance and decide to purchase.

Constructing the right marketing

Constructing the right marketing

Every site is unique, and so are our ideal Developers and we know how to pique their interest. Whether they’re a top tier 1 national developer or a local builder, we know exactly what to do. We will recommend the correct marketing method and the channels to get your site in front of the ideal audience.

Professional guidance and support

Professional guidance and support

Researching which Developers are putting in an offer is just as important as the offer itself. We help you by investigating each Developer’s track record, reputation and capability so that the sale completes successfully.

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