Why Is Now A Great Time To Sell Before 2020 Ends?

You may have delayed selling your property a few times this year because of all that we’ve been through in 2020. Say no more, right?

However, if you’re still on the fence about selling, Spring is a great time – even this year!

Aside from the warmer weather, fresh flowers, beautiful sunlight and clear skies, Spring creates great opportunities that can help you sell your home and achieve a great price.

Here’s why you may want to consider selling your property before the year ends and how to get prepared now.

Why now is the right time to sell

Spring is always known as a great time to put your property on the market for many reasons:

  • Properties look picturesque during Spring.

With flourishing gardens, bright natural light and a positive atmosphere, properties are far more attractive. This setting allows you to easily highlight your home’s true beauty to all potential buyers.

  • Spring offers emotional appeal.

As the year comes to a close, people are happier, more relaxed and at ease- ESPECIALLY this year. They also tend to be more committed to ending their year on a high – like ticking off their goal of buying their own dream home. 

Attracting interest and negotiating with buyers is generally easier during this season, especially when your property already suits their preferences.

  • Buyers have more time, energy and motivation to go out.

Thanks to the nice weather, people are more excited to be out and about, enjoying the days and thinking about their future. This attracts larger numbers, all interested in making a positive change – which including buying a new home.

  • It’s been a slow property year, but buyers are now out in force

This year has been unusual, which has stunted buyer demand in the earlier months. However, with COVID restrictions now reducing, people are out, finally hunting again for their ideal home.

The thing is, there’s not a lot of supply – which means less competing homes for their attention. This will drive up competition for yours and increase buyer interest.

But it won’t last. So, you can’t wait too long.

Most importantly of all – selling your property successfully before this year ends gives you well-deserved peace of mind. Just imagine it: you can freely enjoy the holidays without having to worry about negotiations, paperwork and everything else – because it’s all done.

You can start the new year, fresh.

How to prepare your home for sale before year-end

We asked one of our Upstate selling pros, Kim Adams, to offer some advice on what you need to do now to sell your property this year:

“Get your property on the market before Christmas! If I were you, I’d start painting, cleaning and decluttering the home now so it’s ready to put on a good show for all those buyers out there.

At Upstate, we also offer a free concierge service that helps you get this all done easily.

Just remember that any improvement you do now is worth it and will eventually result in extra money when selling.

A lot of sellers are waiting to sell next year, so beat the competition now and seize the opportunity to get in front of all those buyers!”

She’s right. If your goal is to sell your property before 2021, ensure that your house is in good condition. It makes a far better impression on buyers from the outset.

If you’re not sure what to do, ask your trusted property agents at Upstate. Well provide professional advice and an accurate market appraisal so you can make well-informed decisions. We’ll also come up with an effective marketing campaign to ensure your property gets the right kind of exposure.

Give us a call and we’ll discuss your options to get you set for a big end to a big year.

Want to discuss selling your home in 2020?

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