Upstate takes an innovative new direction!

In an exciting step towards the future, Upstate has unveiled three new partners from its senior management team. Our team spoke to Beaches COVERED. about how the business is enriching the team and setting a new standard in service.

Meet the new Upstate Partners

As a renowned name in local property, Upstate is positioned to build upon its success by announcing three new additional partners who will continue to drive the company’s ongoing pursuit of innovation and excellence.

Initially led by founding directors Peter Mosedale and Lachlan Yeates, Upstate welcomed Vincent West to oversee the commercial aspect in 2012. Now, the team has added Meschell Howarth (General Manager), Paul Ferrari (Head of Project Sales) and John Hall (Senior Business Development Manager), bringing Upstate’s total count of business partners to six. As Peter Mosedale explains, “with six partners in the business, we’re bolder, stronger, better and poised for greatness”.

A large team of committed, invested and experienced partners means you can always get a hold of someone who cares,” says Meschell. The new partnership promises to elevate Upstate’s prominence and introduce fresh perspectives to the table.

Each of us knows the business very well and we know the community,” adds Meschell. “Our individual experiences will support the continued growth of Upstate and deliver the best business we can for our clients.


John Hall – Partner/New Business Manager

Meschell Howarth

Meschell Howarth – Partner/General Manager

Paul Ferrari

Paul Ferrari – Partner/Head of Projects

Championing the Beaches

What really sets this transition apart is the fact all three of the new partners are born and bred Northern Beaches locals, deeply committed to the community and with a variety of experience that adds more value to Upstate’s already stellar reputation.

General Manager, Meschell, brings a robust corporate background to the business. As she explains, “I infuse my strategic business acumen into Upstate’s DNA, which only helps enhance its operations”. Her unique perspective will enhance the brand’s operational efficiency while strategically steering the ship into promising territories.

Paul Ferrari boasts a wealth of experience in projects, developments, design and architecture best practices and for him, “Upstate projects is the most exciting area of the businesses”. His strategic vision will continue to contribute significantly to Upstate’s project endeavours as the team looks to maintain their dominance in the market: “we are currently in the number one position” explains Paul, “and it’s a legacy item of mine to continue that”.

Completing the trio is John “Johnny” Hall, whose journey with Upstate began straight out of school. Having learned the ropes from the ground up, Johnny’s career speaks volumes about his dedication and passion, driven by an undeniable connection and shared values. Reflecting on his journey, Johnny says, “to be offered to be a partner at a place where they gave me my first real estate opportunity fourteen years ago is truly special”.

Meschell, Paul and Johnny’s loyalty is a testament to the company’s culture and lays a solid foundation for a future that’s brimming with innovation, client-centric service and community engagement.

As Upstate enriches its team, the future appears brighter than ever

Just ask co-founder Lachlan Yeates. “Now we’ve got three new partners, that’ll accelerate everything for us and our clients”. The strategic infusion of fresh perspectives, coupled with the wisdom garnered from years of experience, creates a synergy that’s set to take Upstate to new heights.

There is no other real estate business like us. One that has residential, commercial, projects and property management and a senior team of partners solely committed to the Beaches,” exclaims Meschell proudly. With a solid portfolio and a team that’s a perfect amalgamation of talent, Upstate ensures a prosperous and dynamic future for everyone involved.

Bolder. Stronger. Better.

Listen to what our directors Peter Mosedale and Lachalan Yeates have to say about the announcement. 

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