The Month That Was During COVID-19: March property sales higher than last year

It’s obviously a very different Australia today than it was last year, with all of this COVID-19 pandemic. It has caused its share of challenges for the real estate sector and our cherished local communities.

However, despite this, our Upstate Agents were still bringing super keen buyers together with happy sellers in March and achieving great outcomes for both.

To the point where our results were better than last year, in fact.

Let’s break it down a little.

Some interesting stats there.

As expected due to COVID-19, our website viewers increased this year, with 55,120 views in March – of which 70% were new users and 30% were returning users.

But what’s most important here is that, for us, it’s much more than a numbers game. We are proud of these stats because it represents what we’re all about.

We’re helping people buy and sell houses throughout this uncertain time – and a pandemic is not going to stop us from being right by your side (1.5m of course!).

Despite the recent Government restrictions regarding self-isolation and auctions, you can rest assured that Upstate is evolving. As a forward-thinking digital agency, our focus has always been and will always be on YOU – our clients.

Sure – we know that Sydney Real Estate is in for some uncharted times ahead. Despite the RBA’s recent Rate drop to a record low of 0.25% and the monthly property value rise of 1.1% for Sydney, the property market is starting to show signs of slowing due to the uncertainty. However, we’ve noticed that while buyer enquiries have reduced and fewer people are inspecting in person, it’s leaving only serious buyers in the market, which is where the sales are being made.

However, we’re ensuring we can safely and effectively do business within this new environment, while still doing our part to try #flattenthecurve and slow exposure down to protect our loved ones who are most at risk.

Because even through challenging times, we’re always here by your side to help you find yourself in a better place.

Speak to your local Upstate team if you’re looking to buy, sell, lease or rent and we’ll show you the possibilities that are getting great results.

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