Property finance tips, advice and predictions from Upstate’s partner, Catalyst Advisers.

Property goes hand in hand with finance – so we have some exciting news.

As you know, Upstate has a reputation in Sydney for sharing our 100 years of real estate experience and expertise to make the Australian dream a reality. However, we’re also committed to providing the most holistic service that our clients and community deserve.

So, we’re pleased to announce that Upstate has partnered with Australia’s leading Advisory and Brokerage Firm, Catalyst, to offer our clients smart financial advice and the most suitable, competitive finance options for your dream home or investment property.

Catalyst’s incredible knowledge across the finance and mortgage brokerage industry has enabled us to better support our clients’ property goals.

Through this partnership, our team works closely with Stephen Michaels (Residential and Commercial Lending Director) and Jonathan Valentino (Senior Lending Advisor) as well as the whole Catalyst team to offer sound financial advice for our customers and extend Upstate’s financial offering.

“Partnering with like-minded businesses like Upstate is part of our vision,” Jonathan Valentino said. “We want to work with partners that approach clients the same way we do. I can confidently say Catalyst and Upstate have the perfect synergy that will benefit so many people going forward.”

How Catalyst’s partnership with Upstate benefits you

(1) Reliable and efficient service that meets your deadlines

Catalyst is a multi-award winning advisory business that has been recognised as the top 1% in the industry every year since their inception in 2014. Partnering with a well-established firm with years of experience has enabled us to tap into their specialist financial knowledge and connections, so we can help our clients make well-informed and timely decisions about every investment.

“We understand the importance of timing for agents, buyers and sellers,” said Stephen Michaels. “So, we work quickly while still focusing on meticulous accuracy and thoroughness. That’s why we have multiple team members working with every client. While our adviser is discussing what their options are, we already have a credit manager and support assistant updating their files to move their applications along.”

(2) Better financial outcomes

Catalyst is an excellent fit for Upstate clients as they have the same tenacity for excellent results as we do.

“Our approach is to always go above and beyond to pursue the best financial options while providing transparency and honest feedback,” Stephen said. “This way, our clients know how to get the right outcome with peace of mind.”

At Upstate, it’s important for us to have a partner that our clients can depend upon – and Catalyst meets the same high expectations as Upstate.

Catalyst’s expert property finance tips and interest rates predictions

2022 is expected to be an unpredictable year for the Australian economy.

As health restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic slowly ease, some parts of the country have recently experienced significant torrential rain and flooding over the past few months. There’s also conflict overseas and the Australian federal election this year too.

Taking these and many other factors into account, Catalyst’s Stephen Michaels and Jonathan Valentino put forward the following predictions about what they think will happen with the Reserve Bank, house prices and interest rates over the next few months.

Interest rates

“No one can predict the future accurately, especially in this kind of market,” Stephen said. “However, what I would say to my clients is the way that banks price their fixed rates is a strong indication of where interest rates are heading toward in the short, medium and long-term. Just expect the RBA to adjust the cash rate in order to stimulate the economy which means fixed interest rates will change on a regular basis.”

Jonathan added, “Banks are continually reviewing fixed rates, so they could potentially change within the next 3-12 months. They keep a close eye on the cost of funding based on the overseas and domestic markets and make changes accordingly.”

According to Stephen, “When working with clients, I never advise to lock in a variable rate simply because it’s cheaper. Instead, it should be based on what your goals and objectives are and having the right loan product to suit those goals and objectives”.

Home buyers

When it comes to home buyers, the tip Stephen and his team often give is: “get your finances reviewed as soon as possible – even if you think you’re not in a savings and income position to purchase.”

“We use the same systems that bank approvers use, so we can come up with an accurate figure that we can use as a basis for your future strategy. You can then use that to come up with enough savings to get you started on your property investment goals,” Jonathan said.

Just remember that this is just general advice only and doesn’t take into account your personal circumstances. However, the team are always happy to have a chat to discuss your specific needs more individually.

Our combined focus goes beyond the basics

Upstate and Catalyst don’t provide guidance based on only the price itself. Instead, we advise you based on your financial, property and lifestyle goals you have and your unique circumstances.

To get more personalised information and direction for your specific investment journey, speak to our financial expert partners at Catalyst today.

Find yourself in a better place with the right team by your side

When it comes to real estate across the Northern Beaches, you know that Upstate is always here to help.

Our team of property specialists, together with our finance expert partner, Catalyst, are all here to help you find yourself in a better place while also preparing yourself for the unpredictability of the real estate market.

Just speak to your local Upstate team today and we’ll show you the possibilities that earn excellent results. We look forward to chatting with you soon.   

Your local Upstate team 

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