Beat the Heat this Summer: How to Keep Your Home Cool

Don't let summer heat stop the fun at home.

Bright sunshine, longer days and those warm breezes over the Northern Beaches – Does it honestly get any better than this?

The iconic Sydney Summer is a fun-filled time where friends and family head to the surf together, sip on iced lattes, get those BBQ tongs out and enjoy all-day dips in the pool.

However, many of these Aussie joys are often overshadowed by the searing heat and sometimes unbearable humidity. In an Australian summer where it can get sticky, muggy and uncomfortable, not having the right preparations at home can quickly turn a fun summer into a long, hot and overly harsh one.

So, to help prepare for the heat now and long into the future, we have some quick and easy home cooling solutions to keep the summer the way it should be. Here’s how to keep your home cool during the hotter Sydney summer months.

8 ways to keep your home cool in Summer

Keeping your home environment cool and comfortable is actually easier than you may think. With this in mind, we’ve listed some tried-and-tested tips to put into practice for when the hot weather next hits.

Quick tips to cool down your home

  1. Maintain good ventilation

Creating a cross breeze will considerably improve home ventilation and keep your home cool in the summer even without Air Conditioning. Take advantage of those breezy summer evenings by opening your windows at night to promote a cross-breeze that will help you and your family sleep better. The cooler air will circulate all night, allowing you to start fresh with a cool home the following morning.

Just don’t forget fly screens so you can keep those pesky summer bugs out.

2. Reduce the use of large appliances

You may be surprised by the amount of excess heat certain appliances around your house generate and give off. In addition to switching them off when not in use, try to avoid using them whenever possible.

It might seem old fashioned, but you could always hang your clothes out to dry instead of using the dryer, and hand wash your dishes rather than putting them on a full cycle in the dishwasher. Not only will limiting the use of these devices keep your home cooler in the summer, but it will also cut back your electricity costs too (extra perk!).

3. Replace your light bulbs

Replace your light bulbs with LED lights.

Did you know that the NSW Government provides financial incentives to upgrade your household lighting under the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS)?

What’s more, incandescent lights give off nearly 90% of their energy as heat!

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to switch your conventional incandescent light bulbs over to LEDs, now is the perfect time! LED bulbs generate far less heat and will save you more on electricity too.

To see if you’re eligible for the Energy Savings Scheme, check out the website here.

4. Avoid using the oven or stove

As you’d expect, cooking generates excess heat and can significantly raise the overall temperature inside your home. Perhaps opt for meals that don’t require as much cooking on those hotter days, such as salads or sandwiches. If you still want to cook, try doing it outdoors on the BBQ. Not only will this keep your home cooler indoors, but it also gives you an excellent excuse to get your friends and family together for a summer BBQ a few extra times this year!

Long-term home cooling solutions

While the above tips are easy solutions to keep your home cool, the sustainable, longer-term solutions below will also ensure you stay nice and comfortable all summer long.

If you own your property and want to make sure your family or rental tenants are beating the summer heat at home, you may want to consider investing in the following.

5. Install blinds or blackout curtains

The sun provides lovely warmth for most of the year, but during the midday summertime, it can really add a lot of extra heat to rooms, particularly on the southern sides of homes. 

Investing in a good set of window blinds or blackout curtains isn’t only great for privacy and a good night’s sleep; they’re also excellent for blocking out the sun and keeping rooms cool too.

6. Install ceiling fans

Install Ceiling fans

Rotating ceiling fans can provide instant relief in hot weather and are also a more economic option compared to the cost of installing Air Conditioning units. However, make sure you use your ceiling fans the right way.

Most people don’t know this, but during the summer months, your ceiling fan should blow forward in a counterclockwise direction, forcing cooler air down towards you.

7. Plant shady trees and foliage around your home

Trees and foliage act as beautiful natural barriers to sunlight and also significantly improve the aesthetics and value of your home as well. While it may be a few seasons before you can reap the benefits of fully-grown trees, it will be well worth it. You can choose fast-growing trees such as Sycamore, Maple, or Poplar trees. Also, opt for deciduous trees that lose their leaves in the winter. That way, your home will have shade in the summer and get plenty of sunshine in the winter.

If you live in an apartment, a shade cloth or umbrella on your balcony can provide you with a similar amount of shade when you need it.

8. Install an eco-friendly air conditioner unit

Of course, installing a whole house, window, or room air conditioner with a programmable thermostat will help cool a hot home very fast. You can save money when you’re not home by simply programming the A/C to only turn on right before coming home from work. This keeps you comfortable while you’re there and prevents your home from heating up too much while you’re gone.

Don’t let the summer heat stop the fun at home!

Every Australian knows how important it is to keep your house cool in the summer. But, while air conditioners tend to be the go-to solution for those balmy summer days, we hope you’ve also been inspired by a lot of other great alternatives we’ve shared with you.

By trying some of these simple yet smart home cooling tips, your family and your tenants will be much happier every summer season.

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