How Our Personalised Concierge Service Can Increase Your Property’s Sale Result by $300,000

Every house is different, and there’s plenty of variables involved in selling a house. That being said, there are definitely steps you can take to give your home the edge on the market. You can take better advantage of digital channels, and of course, stage your home to create that ‘wow’ moment as soon as potential purchasers walk through the door.

The big question is – do the costs of those steps outweigh the value they can bring to the home? If preparing your home will cost $30,000, and only draw an added $25,000, it clearly isn’t a smart option. Let us help you navigate the at-times ‘grey’ area between educated investment and over-capitalisation.

Our complimentary and personalised concierge service is designed to assist you with making these decisions, providing tried and tested solutions, guidance and ultimately resulting in a sales result beyond your wildest expectations.


How does staging increase the value of a home?

If done well, staging a property will provide the market with the best version of the property’s potential, without polarising the audience. From the outside, a clean home and well-maintained gardens make a far better first impression than a dirty facade. Internally, well-placed furniture can show off just how large a space is. And if you choreograph your colours well, you can even set the right moods each room should evoke.

For example, a dark-toned theatre room will help visitors imagine themselves snuggling in with a blanket and a movie at night. Whereas a bright and clean study will make it seem far more functional.

But aside from the functional benefit, staging a home can create an emotional connection between it and a prospective buyer. Once they start imagining how their family would fit into it, who would take which room, and how they’ll use the patio for entertaining on summer afternoons, they’re a far better chance of making an offer. And if they genuinely feel that home is right for their family, naturally, its value (to them) goes up.


How does Upstate’s Concierge Service work?

We’ll assist you with everything from internal styling to external tidying. That might mean updating the internal paint colour, tidying up a facade, or enlisting one of our trusted stylists to bring out the best in your floor plan. We’ll use our experience and your knowledge of the home to have it looking (and feeling) its best for its guests.

Our concierge service can also help with finding packaging and removal services, and organise your utilities. It doesn’t necessarily help on auction day, but makes the days after a lot easier.


Case Study: 78 Fuller Street

78 Fuller Street was a lovely family home, but it just needed a little help showing off its potential. Our Residential Concierge Team went through and completely washed the house, cleaned, repainted internal and external, added styling and landscaping to the property.

For the owner of the home, they were completely hands-off. Their Concierge Team arranged all quotes, and coordinated the entire process from start to finish. That included arranging contractors, managing budgets, and overseeing timelines all of which was completed within a two week timeframe.

For the buyer, it meant they could actually connect with the property. By showing its potential as a home and investment, prospective buyers couldn’t help but fall in love. Awkward spaces in the floor plan suddenly had purpose and the property’s potential was uplifted.

The contractors and external costs of staging the home came to less than $25,000. The management and direction of that process – covered by Upstate to provide the 360 degree experience we strive to provide.

And the result? The property sold in one week for $300,000 over the guided price and the Vendors expectations. Please see below the Vendors Testimonial.

“We recently sold our family home with Kim Adams and Sophie Mann from Upstate.  We couldn’t be happier with the whole experience!

We used the concierge service with Tess to get the house sale ready. Tess was fantastic, organising quotes to get the house painted, floors sanded and then the final touch of styling. She was so organised and happy to help with anything.

Once the house was ready, Kim and Sophie worked together and were able to get the house sold in less than a week!  And to top it off, for an amazing sale price!

We always felt the team at Upstate had our best interests in mind. Very happy!”

So, is it worth staging to sell?

Staging and strategy need to go hand in hand to make it worth the effort. So if you’re a styling and property guru with enough time to oversee the process, it’s far more likely to be worth the effort. If the whole process seems more daunting than enjoyable and you’re unaware of how best to invest in, and coordinate the preparation – Your best bet is to bring in the experts.

With a wealth of experience in both Property Preparation and real estate, we can prime your home for the market, and see it through the entire process.

If you’re ready to find yourself in a better place, read more on our Residential Concierge Service.

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