Meet your Sydney Northern Beaches Property Management Team! 


At Upstate, we are proud of our reputation as the leading provider of Property Management services across Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

With hundreds of rental properties under our management (and growing), we are dedicated to providing minimal vacancy rates and personalised service for each of our valued landlords and tenants – wait until you see our stats below!

Of course, none of this would be possible without the devotion and enthusiasm of our amazing Sydney Property Management team!

So, let’s introduce you to the people behind all of that hard work and show you how we help achieve your property goals.


The Upstate Sydney Property Management team

Up first is our Head of Property Management: Tyler-Marie Leach.

Tyler joined our team in June 2021, with more than 15 years of experience in Real Estate. She believes that discovering the “why” behind each client is the key to providing them with a personal service and rewarding experience.

“By understanding what’s most important to my clients, I’m able to be there for them, appreciate their goals and find the most suitable property manager for them.”

Tyler attributes the success of the Upstate Property Management team to the 4 Ts:

1. Training

We provide regular one-on-one training, group workshops, and the opportunity to attend external training days and conferences, all to keep our team up to date with the latest trends and practices in our industry.

2. Technology

We embrace innovative technology by taking a digital-first approach to streamline our processes and ensure we always meet our clients’ evolving expectations.

3. Transparency

We believe that building genuine relationships with each of our clients empowers them to make more informed decisions around their investments.

4. Team

Through collaboration and equal opportunities to contribute, we ensure that everyone shares our goal of achieving the best rental returns by providing a trustworthy service.

Senior Business Development Manager: John Hall

John Hall

The Senior Business Development Manager’s job is to grow the Property Management business by building and developing valuable relationships with landlords, homeowners and other real estate partners.

“I always say to clients: when looking for a Property Manager, the cheapest is hardly ever the best option – especially with something as important as your home or property. It’s always good to dig a little deeper to find the agency that’s most suited to your goals.”

Introducing our New Business Development Manager: Ilijana Nonkovic

Working alongside John is our exciting new addition to the Property Management team, Ilijana Nonkovic. Her leadership role is to assist owners with their investment properties by helping them achieve the highest rental return possible while ensuring we select the best tenants.

Ilijana Nonkovic

“I love working for and with people, and I am driven by my passion for customer service to continuously strive and improve myself as a real estate professional.”

Ilijana has been in the real estate industry since she was 19 and has also spent years working for international and domestic airlines, where she learned how to build a rapport with people from all over the world.

With this background, she finds it easy to connect with both our international and local clients here at Upstate, and it shows:

“I recently purchased a property via Kim and Ilijana (Great communication throughout). After purchasing Ilijana and her team helped with the rest of the paperwork and process. Ilijana is exceptional in her work. Words will be less to show my gratitude towards her. Overall they have an amazing team!”

 – Client testimonial

To top off our new business team is New Business Coordinator, Tanja Vroman. With years of business experience supporting sales and business managers in leading multinational companies, together with a track record in Sydney real estate and a natural drive to help people, Tanja is who you want by your side when it comes to leasing your home.

Together, John, Ilijana, and Tanja make a dream team ready to help all of our new business clients to be in a better place. 

Upstate New Business Team

Let’s meet the rest of our amazing Upstate Property Manager team.

Upstate’s Senior Property Management Team

Our Upstate Senior Property Managers supervise the overall management of properties by working with budgets, connecting with contractors for maintenance and repairs, spearheading the inspections of homes and ensuring that all processes adhere to local legal requirements and regulations.

“In Property Management, there are always new challenges popping up. That’s why I’m obsessed with ensuring everything is done right the first time.” – Keely Prior

“I love helping people. So, ensuring our clients achieve their property goals is my number one priority every day.” – Eliza Cosgrave

Upstate’s Sydney Property Management Team

Our Upstate Property Managers are responsible for the efficient management and daily operations of a portfolio of rental properties such as advertising vacancies, handling tenant relations, collecting leases, coordinating necessary repair work and accomplishing reports.

“Our clients’ properties are their livelihoods. That’s why we ensure that we’re looking after them as if they were ours.” – Nina Steel

“Having worked in Leasing before moving into Property Management, I’m now able to provide a much more holistic service to my clients.” – Sacha Frizzel

Isobel MacDonald – Property Manager

“I am committed to always putting my clients first in everything that, I do and am driven by a strong passion for achieving the highest standard of service”

Lara Avitaia – Property Manager

“Passion drives our property management team at Upstate. We’re dedicated to delivering exceptional results, putting our clients first in everything we do, and making your real estate experience truly remarkable.”

Lara MacDonald – Property Manager

“I am passionate about real estate and equally passionate about our local area, having moved to the Beaches from rural Victoria when I was just 18 to build a life of my own and pursue my dream career.”

Zoey Damiano – Property Management Administrator

“I feel so fulfilled by the work that I do as it not only helps people realise their dreams but also helps remove stress and burden from their lives.”

Melissa Livingstone – Trust Accountant

“At Upstate, Property Management is a team effort. We’re all equally passionate about achieving the best results for our clients and it’s a pleasure to be a part of that.”

Upstate’s Sydney Leasing Team

Upstate’s Northern Beaches Leasing Team support landlords and Property Managers in finding qualified tenants. We also assist clients during open homes, price negotiations and the signing of rental contracts

Emma Bush – Leasing Consultant 

“Finding the right place to call home is more than a transaction; it’s a journey, and I’m dedicated to being your trusted guide every step of the way.”

Natasha Burke – Leasing Consultant

“As your partner on your leasing journey, you can trust me to ensure your experience is not only incredibly rewarding but also guides you toward your dream home.”

James Stone – Leasing Consultant

“I am dedicated to ensuring you enjoy seamless transitions, so you can confidently step into your new chapter with satisfaction and ease.”


Real Results: Another Successful Year of Property Management in Sydney

Together, the committed Upstate property management and leasing teams have had great success leasing 533 properties in 2023 so far.

Not only are we currently the Number 1 property management team on Sydney’s Northern Beaches in terms of portfolio size, but we have:

  • averaged only 8 days on-market, meaning our properties are finding tenants in just over a week.
  • 45% of these properties are leased by the first Open Home inspection
  • and we have an average vacancy rate of 1%
  • with 96% of tenants paying on time!

Who wouldn’t choose us to lease their investment property in Sydney?

What our clients are saying

Our collective efforts have led the team to receive some outstanding reviews as a reflection of their passion and dedication, and now with Ilijana on board, we’re excited for even better results to come!

“My experience with Upstate Real Estate in Dee Why has
quite simply been the best I’ve ever had with any other agency in 20 years!”

  • Gina McCabe (5 Star Google Review)

“I will honestly pick my next rental based on if I get to rent through Upstate! I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with them – thank you!”

  • Penny Horsfield (5 Star Google Review)

“The Upstate team were very professional and supportive throughout the process. Their communication and customer service is outstanding.”

  • Libby Michau (5 Star Google Review)


Sydney Rental Market Update: What’s happening across the Northern Beaches rental market?

The rental market in Sydney is seeing very low vacancy rates, high rent prices, strong demand for homes, and a rising population. The Sydney economy is always experiencing a thriving economy with a strong job market, driving better overall affordability.

We’ve also noticed that Sydneysiders are increasingly prioritising spacious living and separate study areas in their next home, which is changing leasing demand behaviour.

With all of these Sydney rental market trends above, there’s never been a better time to lease your property with Upstate, and for tenants, there has never been a more important time to have a team like Upstate by your side.

With NSW appointing their first Rental Commissioner and many new rental laws coming into place across the state, both tenants and investors must remain informed.

That’s where Upstate can help.

We work together as a whole team to remove the burden of Property Management from you, so you can live your best life while we take care of your property and tenants! With Upstate, you never have to worry if you’re earning the best rental income, if your tenants are looking after your property or if you’re making the right decisions with your home – we take care of all of this and much more.

Rest assured that with us, you’re backed by one of the biggest teams of property management and leasing specialists across Sydney’s Northern Beaches who all strive for the best outcomes for you.


We have a new digital Upstate rental calculator on offer, too!

In under 5 minutes, you’ll find out if your rental property is earning you what it should – complete our complimentary property health check online today. 

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Let’s discuss your leasing and rental options today.

At Upstate, our Property Management team is here to make your life easier, whether you’re a landlord or a tenant. That’s because we’re a big Sydney Real Estate agency with the heart and determination of a boutique one.

Speak to your local Upstate team today and we’ll show you how we can help you find yourself in a better place.

We look forward to chatting with you soon.   

Your local Upstate team.



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