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Not to be confused with its namesake neighbor, Collaroy Plateau is a small but mighty town with some of the most breathtaking views the Northern Beaches has to offer. With Narrabeen lagoon to one side and Collaroy and Narrabeen beaches to the other, Collaroy Plateau is nestled peacefully amongst nature with easy access to the larger areas of Dee Why, Manly, and Sydney’s CBD.


Just behind coastal Collaroy is Collaroy Plateau, who in 2011 officially separated from their neighbor to become their very own suburb. While it lacks the beachfront access of its namesake neighbour, there aren’t many spots along the east coast of Australia that boast the kind of incredible views residents can enjoy from the Collaroy Plateau – with epic views across the lagoon and sweeping vistas of Collaroy and Narrabeen beaches.

Enjoying all the city access and transport connections you could need, the Collaroy Plateau has easy access to the best that the Northern Beaches has to offer. With Narrabeen Lagoon to the north, Collaroy Beach to the east, and buzzing Dee Why to the south, it’s easy to see why this small township is so popular amongst its 5,000 residents.

Just 22kms north-east of Sydney CBD and just a short drive from both Dee Why and Manly, residents of Collaroy Plateau have the option to enjoy the peaceful serenity of their nature-locked home or visit the bustling streets of some of its larger and more developed neighbours. Home to two local schools – Collaroy Plateau Public and St Rose Catholic – and with nature in abundance all around, families are starting to take notice of this hidden gem as the perfect opportunity to enjoy the best of what the Northern Beaches have to offer.

Our team here at Upstate is specialised in real estate, property management and development across our home turf in the Northern Beaches. Now, we don’t want to be the kinds of people who throw around words like ‘award-winning’ and ‘expert knowledge’, but with our combined experience and exceptional results across residential, commercial, retail and office space, we’re proud to be changing the real estate game for those looking to find themselves in a better place.

Crafting the Dream: Premier Real Estate Agent in Collaroy Plateau

In the scenic beauty of Collaroy Plateau, Upstate has emerged as a beacon of real estate excellence. Our esteemed reputation resonates throughout the real estate world, establishing us as the first choice for those seeking properties for sale, niche commercial properties for sale, and sought-after rental properties. We’ve become more than just a brand; we are your dedicated partners. Every transaction with us mirrors our commitment to trust, precision, and relentless pursuit of value.

Deep within Collaroy, we curate many choices, from luxury apartments to commercial spaces that promise more than just a piece of land. They offer experiences, future stories, and memories waiting to be made. With Upstate, you’re not merely investing but crafting a legacy.

Unearthing Prized Property for Sale in the Heart of Collaroy Plateau

Collaroy Plateau is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re yearning for luxurious apartments for sale offering panoramic views or the comforting embrace of houses for sale in the Collaroy Plateau, Upstate guides you to the perfect fit. Our offerings aren’t just properties but carefully selected experiences that promise a future filled with rich memories and joy.

Our team, backed by keen eye and expertise, ensures you don’t just find a property in Collaroy Plateau; you find a place to call home. With Upstate, every purchase is not just a transaction; it’s a cherished partnership.

Homes That Sing Stories: Houses for Sale in Collaroy Plateau

The charm of Collaroy Plateau’s houses is undeniable. Finding that perfect abode can seem daunting despite the myriad of properties for sale. But with Upstate, every listing, from modern units for sale to opulent apartments for sale, is a step closer to your dream home.

Our dedicated team’s passion and expertise shine through in each property we represent. With Upstate, you’re assured not just of quality and luxury but also of a space that resonates with warmth, love, and stories waiting to unfold.

Crafting Rental Properties that Resonate in Collaroy Plateau

Navigating the rental realm in Collaroy Plateau is a breeze with Upstate by your side. Our roster, brimming with the finest rental properties, ensures every tenant finds their ideal abode. From spacious properties for rent designed for families to cosy units for rent for individuals, every rental echoes a sense of belonging.

Upstate’s commitment extends beyond just listings. We ensure each property offers comfort, luxury, and personal warmth. Every rental isn’t just a property; it’s a home waiting to embrace its new occupants.

Apartments for Rent: The Epitome of Elegance in Collaroy Plateau

Handpicked by Upstate, every apartment for rent in Collaroy Plateau stands as a testament to luxury, comfort, and elegance. These spaces, from expansive properties to intimate units for rent, promise more than four walls. They offer a sanctuary, a haven where life unfolds at its own pace.

Upstate ensures that each apartment resonates with its unique charm, catering to the varied needs of its potential inhabitants. Trust us to guide you to a space that’s not just an address but a statement of style and luxury.

Begin Your Real Estate Odyssey with Upstate

Choosing Upstate is more than a decision; it affirms your trust. With a promise grounded in quality, transparency, and unwavering dedication, we stand as your steadfast companions. As you embark on this pivotal real estate journey, know that our amazing team is with you every step, ensuring each phase is smooth, rewarding, and with memorable moments.

Embrace Tomorrow with Upstate Today!

Our philosophy at Upstate goes beyond mere transactions. It’s about embracing the future with unwavering confidence, allowing you to experience the very pinnacle of real estate. In an evolving world, while we cherish and uphold traditional values, we also seamlessly merge them with the very cutting edge of technology. This unique blend ensures that our endeavour is securing property and building a lasting legacy.

Chart Your Path with Upstate

Your vision is our guiding star. Let Upstate be the compass that directs you toward a future filled with remarkable property experiences. Our dedicated real estate expert, Kirsten is just a call away for any real estate needs or queries. Connect with her today, and let us turn your property dreams into unforgettable realities. Join Upstate, and let’s chart this journey together, crafting every aspiration with precision and care.



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