Ilijana Nonkovic

Ilijana Nonkovic

Business Development Manager

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Introducing Ilijana, our warm and friendly Business Development Manager here at Upstate.

Disciplined and always committed to following through on her promises, Ilijana focuses on building long-term relationships whilst maintaining the high standard of service that Upstate is known for. She loves working for and with people, and is driven by her passion for customer service to continuously strive and improve herself as a real estate professional.

Ilijana has been in the real estate industry since she was 19 and has also spent years working for international and domestic airlines, where she learned how to mingle with and understand people from all over the world. With this background, she finds it easy to connect with both our international and local clients here at Upstate as she guides them towards their property goals.

Ilijana aims to be known as one of the best Business Development Managers in the business, alongside Upstate’s John Hall. So, as your partner on your real estate journey, you can trust her to make your experience incredibly rewarding as you find yourself in a better place.

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