Upstate Commercial Disclaimer

Disclaimer: Prior to making any decisions in relation to the purchase of the property set out in this report, all persons reading this publication should undertake proper enquiries and conduct due diligence. It is important that those persons who are not experienced in the practice of due diligence engage professional persons such as accountants, legal representatives or financial advisors to undertake this task. The information contained in this report has been based on information provided by vendors or their representatives, and what has been obtained from independent sources. Upstate Commercial does not guarantee the accuracy or substantiate the claims made by these sources. Upstate Commercial cannot verify council approvals or compliance with BCA standards and takes no responsibility in relation to additions or mezzanines within the premises. It is up to lessees/purchasers to conduct their own investigations regarding these or any other approvals required by governing authorities. Upstate Commercial disclaims responsibility for any information set out in this report that is provided by any vendor or any third party and the reader shall indemnify Upstate Commercial against any loss or damages caused by the information contained in this report.