Done, Done and Done

Your Moving Checklist

We have created a digital checklist that details the steps involved in ensuring a smooth and stress-free transition.
Simply save it to your smartphone or desktop and tick items off as you go.

Packing Playlist

Making mundane packing tasks more fun with our 2022 Spotify playlist!

Moving Tips & Tricks

Each move is unique, and so is our service – with our Concierge Team assisting over 2000 clients with their property needs in 2021, we understand/have seen what’s involved with a smooth transition to your next home/preparing your investment property.

Here are a couple of tips from the team to help get you started with your packing!

  • Download our Property Concierge’s moving checklist – see link below
  • Book your removalist company in advance to secure your date – or contact us to arrange for you
  • Book a professional cleaner – we can recommend local cleaners
  • Declutter! Throw away anything you don’t need, book a Council clean up, or have us arrange a rubbish removal for you
  • Buy more boxes than you think you’ll need
  • Try not to pack over 15kg per box, make sure boxes are clearly labelled per room and contents – order the Upstate packing kit from us to help with this
  • If you need help with packing or unpacking, contact us to arrange personal packers for your move
  • Start using up things that you don’t want to move – such as frozen / perishable food and cleaning supplies
  • Stop watering your pot plants a week prior – this makes them lighter for the movers
  • Don’t forget to make special arrangements for children and pets for moving day
  • Pack and labels ‘Essentials Boxes’ of the items you’ll need right away – refer to our Checklist to see what to include
  • Pack an overnight bag with bed linens, towels, PJs, clothes, toiletries
  • Empty, clean and defrost fridge / freezer at least 24hrs before moving day
  • Make your beds when you first arrive, that way its not left to do after an exhausting day of unpacking

Need help ticking items off your checklist? Contact our Concierge team

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