September Sell Out Auction Event

Join us for our two auction nights on the 14th and 28th of September.





2023 Success

Upstate September Sell Out Success!

  • 32 Properties Listed
  • Highest Sale Price - $9,020,000
  • Total Sales Volume - $58,609,500
  • 3418 Total Inquires
  • 1533 Inspections
  • 338 Contracts Issued
  • 15 Sold Prior

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What to expect

Join us for two auction nights on the 14th and 28th of September, at our Upstate HQ in-house auction room. The September Sell Out Upstate auction nights are the biggest events for property sales on the Northern Beaches, where we will be showcasing as many properties as possible.

We are so excited to share this initiative with our local community.

Click to hear why you should get involved, from our Co-Founder and Director, Peter Mosedale.

Properties for Auction

September Sell Out

Saturday, 20 April

Property & real estate news

Understanding the Northern Beaches like the back of our hands allows us to offer impeccable levels of service and elicit
the most favourable sale price (we also know the best local surf breaks, if you’re interested).

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Wondering why you should list with Upstate this September? Click to read through all the benefits of selling your property in a strong market, backed by the support of our entire team


Upstate september sellout auction brochure

Why you should sell with Upstate this Spring

Selling your property this Spring? Here’s everything you need to know.

Spring is just around the corner!

Soon enough, everything will be in full bloom, the sun will be warm, the drinks ice cold, the water will be perfect and we’ll all get a dose of season fever.

No wonder it’s the time of the year when real estate buyers and sellers (encouraged by the longer daylight hours and the fine weather) are excited to venture out and about and look for their next home or investment.

16 August 2023

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