Lease FAQ’s


We’ve pulled together some basics to help you get started leasing your Northern Beaches property with us.

I want to sublet my rental place. Is this allowed?

Subletting is possible if, for example, you’re going overseas for a short period during your lease period. However, it must be approved by your landlord prior to this.

Please get in contact with us and we can discuss this with you. We will need the details of the person subletting the premises and the duration which they will be the primary occupant.

If you are looking to permanently sublet the apartment to a flatmate, you must request permission from your landlord, and they must follow the correct steps to gain approval.

There is a community courtyard outside. Am I allowed to garden?

While we love your enthusiasm, common areas are usually maintained by the building strata and owners committee. This means you are not permitted to make any changes, plant any flora or place any items in common areas.

Please don’t interfere with the landscaping or gardening of any common areas, as these sorts of decisions are at the discretion of the owner’s committee. If you do, you will probably be asked to rectify these changes or damages.

Are landlords required to make repairs?

Yes, we want you to be comfortable. Your landlord must keep the property in a good state of repair by ensuring all appliances are working and that the property is safe for you.

If you notice anything that could be a hazard or requires repairs, please report it to your Property Manager. We will discuss this with the landlord and organise repairs where appropriate. This includes calling out the right service people.

If it’s an emergency, consult your lease agreement for the right response on who to contact.

Improvements to the property are not considered repairs and are at the landlord’s discretion as to whether or not they want to upgrade things like fixtures and fittings at the property.

What repairs is my landlord responsible for, and what repairs am I responsible for?

Your landlord is required to ensure that the property remains in a good state of repair and is responsible for repairing all fixtures and fittings. For example, faulty switches or leaking pipes.

A tenant is responsible for repairing any damage that you have caused to the property, like broken windows and damage to the carpet from spills.

Can the landlord enter my apartment anytime to check on it?

No – as a tenant, you have a right to your privacy and to use the home to live in. Your landlord must not enter your apartment without appropriate notice or permission.

If this happens, please notify us immediately.

Remember, Upstate perform regular inspections. However, we will give you plenty of prior notice.

Am I allowed to ask neighbours about the history of the landlord and the building before I sign the lease?

Well, you can yes. However, it’s best just to ask us if you have any concerns. We’ll answer your questions about the landlord, area or building – and anything we don’t know, we can find out for you.

You don’t need to sign anything until you feel comfortable.

How do I deal with noisy neighbours?

We want you to feel as comfortable as possible in your home. So, if your neighbours are being excessively loud in an apartment block, let your Property Manager know and we can pass this onto the strata manager. They can help manage this issue.

If you’re living in a house, perhaps try putting a note in their letterbox letting them know – as they’re probably unaware.

If you want to take a different approach, you can try to reach out and have a friendly conversation to come to a general resolution. This will help keep the peace.

However, in extreme cases, like a party with loud noise at unreasonable hours, you have the option of calling the police for assistance.

I need to move out early and break the terms of my lease. How does this work?

If you need to leave earlier than the lease period, the first thing you should do is let your Property Manager know as soon as possible that you want to ‘break your lease’.

The earlier you tell us, the easier it will be to transition out of a break lease situation.

Have a read of your lease documents or ask us about what penalties may apply in this situation. Breaking your lease can be a stressful situation, which is why it’s always best to communicate with your property manager often and be transparent, so we can help.

What if I can’t pay my rent?

As a tenant, paying your rent is an obligation of your leasing contract. It’s also important to pay your rent on time to ensure that you maintain a good rental history.

If you find you cannot pay your rent, contact your Property Manager immediately so we can chat it through. We can find some possible alternatives, such as a payment plan.

You shouldn’t just stop paying rent or avoid talking to us, as that prevents us from being able to help you. If you fall behind in your rent and get into rental arrears of more than 14 days, your lease may be terminated.
Please keep us in the loop if you need assistance.

I want to install a heater in the bathroom. Is it okay to do this and can the Landlord pay for it?

While we want you to be comfortable, any installations, refurbishments or change to fixtures must be approved by the landlord first – so, please always talk to us before you do anything.

Remember, your Landlord is not obligated to put a heater in the bathroom. However, you can certainly ask them if they’re happy for you to install a heater at your own cost. Just be aware that you may be asked to remove the heater and repair any damage when you vacate the property.

This goes for any additions, installations or refurbishments you propose.