Where?            Upstate Office – Level 1, 888 Pittwater Rd, Dee Why, NSW
What?              Changes in Rental Legislation in March 2020
Why?               Learn about changes and have your questions, answered

Upstate will be hosting our forth landlord information evening aimed to inform Landlords that there are some big changes to the NSW Residential Tenancy Laws coming into effect in March?

These affect every Landlord in NSW.

At Upstate, our mission is to make the lives of our clients easier – which is why we’re holding a Landlord’s Info night to explain these changes and open the floor to a Q and A session (instead of you having to read pages of legislation).

These revisions are designed to improve both the welfare of landlords and tenants by setting clear expectations around your rights, your obligations to each other, and the responsibilities regarding the leased property.

Don’t miss this night, as will take you through the highlights, including:

  • Minimum property standards
  • New Smoke Alarm obligations
  • If tenants can make minor alternations and renovations
  • Information disclosure about your property
  • Water efficiency measures
  • And other general changes

Come along, learn everything you need in one night and have all of your questions, answered!

This fully catered event is aimed at providing a platform for us to share our trusted advice. You can also meet our dedicated Property Management team who work tirelessly behind the success of your investment with us.

For more information on the new tenancy law head over to our blog by clicking here.