And we’re just getting started

Upstate is proud to announce that 2022 marks a significant milestone for us, our brand, our team and our community. This year, we are 100 years young, built on a proud legacy of vision, ambition and evolution. 

Our story begins when one of our parent companies, ‘Weight and Co’ was established in 1922. Since then, we’ve purchased, merged and evolved to become the market-leading pioneers we are today, based on our confidence, enthusiasm, sincerity, innovation and ultimately, a deep seeded passion for what we do.

While our heritage spans over 100 years from strong foundations, we’ve transformed to help everyone find themselves in a better place. We’re excited for an even more prosperous future by embracing the best technology, delivering exceptional customer experiences for our clients and our people. 

Our services

Upstate is all about a refreshing new Modus Operandi to Australian property. The future of real estate is here because we’ve taken everything that the industry currently does and flipped it on its head. Our services include: