Upstate’s 2024 Level Up Sales Conference

At Upstate, our journey to success starts with our incredible team.


We launch each year with the LEVEL UP Sales Conference – a day dedicated to inspiring the team with high-performance coaching and insights from industry leaders, acquiring practical skills, and strengthening team bonds.

This commitment ensures we deliver unparalleled service to our clients.


This was our fourth annual Level Up Sales Conference and it certainly was the most impressive to date.

Today we’re sharing a glimpse into our 2024 LEVEL UP Sales Conference, highlighting key learnings from our distinguished guest speakers and offering insights into why our team love working at Upstate.


What did the day involve?


The team were treated to a day at the Sydney Swans new training facility at Moore Park.

Kicking off the day with a 7am personal training session on the Sydney Swans indoor playing field, LA Nation trainers took the team through their paces to get them fired up for a day of learning.


Following the session, the team freshened up, enjoyed a lovely catered breakfast and took their seats to get the day underway.


Peter Mosedale – Director, Upstate

First up, our own Peter Mosedale welcomed the team, delving into the significance of our company values, conducting an in-depth exploration of our unique selling points and set the tone and expectations for the year ahead.

As part of this, he spoke about several key factors that make Upstate unique, including:

Regular upskilling

We make substantial investments in the training and development of our staff, equipping them with the necessary skills to thrive in the dynamic real estate sector. This empowers them to offer high-quality services to our valued clients.

This includes scheduled workshops with coaches Kylie Walsh and Josh Phegan throughout the year.


Database with over 250,000+ contacts

Our network is continually expanding, with a database that exceeds 250,000 contacts, including buyers, vendors, and investors. This growth allows us to continuously provide our vendors and buyers with the best opportunities when it comes to property.


In-house digital marketing

We have a team of marketing specialists working in our business to ensure we can deliver the best marketing for our properties and to keep us ahead of the competition by constantly updating and evolving our digital offerings.


Property Concierge

Upstate have their own Property Concierge team dedicated to helping our clients prepare their home for sales or lease. Within a very short timeframe, they can ensure your property presents its best.


Collaborative team

We believe in strength in numbers, we span across residential sales, property management, commercial sales and leasing and projects. We believe in the power of collaboration and work together on every project to achieve optimal outcomes for our clients.


A committed and supportive leadership team

Our leadership team is committed and supportive, driven by a vision for an enhanced real estate service. They work tirelessly to guide our entire team in executing this vision and providing better service to our clients.


The agents then had the opportunity to hear from several industry experts as below.


Josh Phegan

Internationally renowned speaker, trainer and coach for high-performance real estate agents.

Josh led the team through industry training, providing quick hacks on time management and achieving success, dialogue training and goal setting.


Marnie Seinor – McGrath Coogee

Marnie has enjoyed an awarded sales career in her 25 years of work in the South Eastern Suburbs property market. Recent accolades include the Australian Real Estate Business Top 100 Sales Agents 2019, 2020 & 2021, and she was awarded the 10th Top female sales agent in Australia.

Marnie offered the agents a chance for a Q&A session, addressing various topics such as her career path, role definition within her team and working to each others strengths, the significance of time management, and prioritising her family.


Core Logic

As the leading provider of property data and analytics, Core Logic help clients capitalise on growth opportunities, improve business performance, and manage risk.

They shared insights on effectively utilizing data, the benefits of adopting AI in the real estate sector, the impact of interest rates, and analysed year-on-year property sales results.


Tom Harley – CEO of Sydney Swans

Best known for his decorated career with Geelong, Tom Harley is a veteran of 198 AFL games and now CEO of the Sydney Swans.

Tom’s presentation centred around motivation, leadership, career advancement, teamwork and the importance of a company’s culture and their shared vision. He recounted his journey from his playing career, winning championships, and demonstrated how he applied the skills learned in sport to his professional career.



To infuse a sense of well-being and a positive mindset into the day, the team later engaged in a session with ‘The Breathing Coach‘ Dave Pemberton. Dave guided them through a breathwork session, showcasing the powerful impact of breath in calming the mind and fortifying the body for peak performance.

Concluding the day, the agents were treated to a personalised tour of the Sydney Swans’ state-of-the-art training facility. They were given an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse of the gym, indoor playing field, offices, media space, dining room, change rooms, pools, and the outdoor rooftop entertaining deck.


Our sales agents left the conference feeling reenergised, inspired and motivated for the year ahead.

Below is some feedback from the team:

  • Marnie was incredibly engaging, and it was interesting to hear from another agent on the methods they apply to a typical week in managing a high performing team.
  • Very lucky to have spent the day at Swans HQ and hear from their CEO – see how a major organisation runs their teams and sets their vision.
  • The venue and guest speakers Tom and Marnie were fantastic. Thank you for a great day and all the effort that went into it! Being amongst the players and in that facility was inspiring.
  • Enjoyed Josh immensely. Most speakers were engaging and made good points beyond sales

This Level Up sales conference is just one of the secrets to our success and it empowers our team to be the phenomenal leaders they are every day.


Do you want to find yourself in a better place in 2024?

At Upstate, our real estate specialists help make our clients’ property goals come true. That’s because we’re a big agency, with the heart and determination of a boutique one. If you’ve been thinking about a career in real estate or you’re already in real estate and looking to advance your career, speak to us today to find out how you can become part of Upstate’s amazing team right here on the Northern Beaches.


We look forward to chatting with you soon.


The Upstate Team


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