Sydney’s Northern Beaches takes out the No. 1 spot for highest property growth rate in Australia

Despite the ongoing challenges of the global pandemic, the Australian property market continues to grow, month-on-month, year-on-year – and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Over the past year alone, average real estate prices across the country have increased by a whopping 20%. This is proof of the resilience of our industry and our collective ability as a team to remain proactive when helping our clients achieve their goals.

We have some great news about Sydney’s Northern Beaches!

With its stunning landscapes, vibrant communities, local conveniences and abundance of investment opportunities, Sydney’s prestigious Northern Beaches is at the forefront of this market growth – and even looks set to lead the charge into 2022.

As a highly sought-after location for both Sydney residential and commercial real estate, the current Northern Beaches property market promises anyone looking to sell their home in this area a huge opportunity for above-average returns.

Let’s break down the facts and figures surrounding the Northern Beaches’ high growth rate and discuss why now is the perfect time to take advantage of our booming property market.

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The Northern Beaches is UP in the top property spot

In the 12 months leading to the end of September 2021, the Northern Beaches recorded the highest growth rate of all Local Government Areas across the country, with a jaw-dropping 37.2% increase on September 2020.

The median house price for the area now sits at a staggering $2.2 million, meaning that the average price rose by a total of $618,000 in 12 months, or $51,000 every month!

It seems that the coastal lifestyle, relaxing environment and lively local communities have attracted buyers from all over Sydney and beyond to the Northern Beaches, especially due to the growing trends around working from home and stay-cations.

These figures present a huge opportunity for property owners on the Northern Beaches to list their homes or investment properties on the market and sell for record-breaking prices.

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What’s to come

“We’re expecting to see a huge amount of out of area enquiry in the next few months. Auction levels are the highest we’ve ever seen, and enquiry levels have spiked. With Christmas around the corner, now is the best time to go to market.” – Peter Mosedale

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