Super Saturdays (and the Day of 11 Auctions)

Most Saturdays, we wake up pretty excited. The whole process of selling properties, auctioning them off, meeting buyers, it’s all just a nice slice of life for real estate agents.

And Saturdays like the ones we’ve had throughout the month of February? 

We don’t just wake up excited; we are absolutely pumped!

As we work at 200% to achieve the best results for our vendors, we see some simply amazing results that we’re excited to share with you.

But first, on a single day this February, we had scheduled to sell 11 properties under the hammer. And with that much going on, we have a lot to discuss.


What properties were on the market?

Honestly, this month has been quite a mix. 

For example, on the 8th of February (when everyone at our auctions were saying “yes!” before the bidding even began), we had some amazing homes on display.

Take 17 William Lord Place, Belrose. This 3-bedroom, 2-storey house offers views over the forest that simply can’t be beaten. For those seeking a breezy, simple life by the water, 1/9 Fielding Street in Collaroy offered a relaxed, minimal 2-bedroom unit. And then there’s 48A Consul Road, Brookvale – a 3-bedroom townhouse that’s as modern inside as it is striking outside.



Outside of those, some of the properties we had listed were:

  • 63 Tennyson Rd, Collaroy
  • 16 Carolyn Ave, Beacon Hill
  • 15 Windermere Place, Wheeler Heights
  • 14/17 Jenkins St, Collaroy
  • 3/30 Pacific Pde, Dee Why



Through the rest of February, we also sold:

  • 3/16 Ocean Street, Narrabeen (for more than $3.5 million!)
  • 18/31-35 Delmar Parade, Dee Why
  • 20 Tristram Road, Beacon Hill (with a outstanding turnout of 11 registered bidders)
  • 108 Haigh Avenue, Belrose
  • 14 Ronald Ave, Narraweena
  • And five more properties auctioned off on 29 February – leaping into a new record!



Given that in February we sold a whopping 19 properties, with 11 of those on the 8th of February, you can see why it puts the Super into Super Saturdays!

Our point is that each property presented us with new and unique challenges. There was something different about each one, and as such, attracted different buyers to each home. So we don’t get to apply a formula and hope for the best. We dressed each home in a unique way, to appeal to the right audiences.

But hey, more properties for more people only spice up our days!



How did the rest of Australian auctions go that week?

Wow, you really ask some well-informed questions. listed that the NSW had one of the highest clearance rates around Australia – boasting an impressive 78%. Victoria and the ACT only just better our state’s average, managing a 79% clearance rate each. But around Australia, the news wasn’t as positive. Queensland just managed a 50% clearance rate from over 200 auctions. South Australia even reached 68%, and Western Australia cleared at 40%.

So before we discuss our specific results, it’s worth admitting that New South Wales is a pretty in-demand state right now.


So, what was Upstate’s clearance rate?

With the properties that went under the hammer on Super Saturday’s, we cleared at 85%. And while we’re proud of that figure, it doesn’t include the 4 properties that we sold prior. So factoring those in as properties due to be sold at auction, and we definitely helped bump up that state average.


And what margin did they put on their reserve?

Here’s where the news gets really super. 

First up. One particular property sold by agent Tulo Sila made 14% more than the reserve. That’s over $100k more!


Tulo Sila – Licensed Real Estate Agent


Even better? Another property sold by our male and female due, Kirsten Bertram and Lachlan Yeates managed to sell for over $250,000 over the reserve. That isn’t just super. It’s incredible!


Kirsten Bertram and Lachlan Yeates – Licensed Real Estate Agent’s

Across the board, we averaged over 10% more than the reserve price. And for the range of properties on offer, we’re pretty darn chuffed.


How did that happen?

There are a few key reasons why our Super Saturday went swimmingly:

  • Some great properties – Honestly, when you sell properties in such a remarkable part of the world, the challenge isn’t quite as astronomical. We really are blessed to work in such an amazing part of Australia.
  • Our concierge service – Each home was given the makeover it needed to sell. Our free Residential Concierge Service can spice up any home to its finest – making it impossible for buyers to pass up.
  • A great team – You can build a great home, and you can make it look its best, but what really ices the cake is a local team with local knowledge. So to the team involved on Super Saturday, we thank you.



Are you ready to auction off a property?

If you’re ready to sell your home on the Northern Beaches, chat to the team with the local touch. We can see your property through from staging to selling, thanks to our free concierge service. And with the right team behind you, you can trust that you’ll be getting the best result possible.

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