Selling your Home in Winter

Are you thinking about selling your Northern Beaches property this winter?

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It’s getting chilly in Sydney!

Now, everybody wants to know if it’s a good time to buy or sell property – and for good reason.

But with winter coming, it’s only natural to ask if this is the right season to delve into the property market. So, if you’re looking for some advice on selling your property this season, this article is ideal for you.

Selling a Northern Beaches home in the winter

“Sell in Spring!” It’s what most people say. But it’s definitely not the hard and fast rule.

At Upstate, we know the intricacies of the local market and appreciate that both homebuyers and sellers may have a few concerns during the winter season. Yet, with the stunning coastal beauty and vibrant community, selling a home during the winter on Sydney’s Northern beaches offers some very unique opportunities; and yes, some challenges too compared to the hotter month counterparts.

But the truth is: while Sydney’s scenic beaches really shine during the warmer seasons, they still provide a captivating backdrop for potential buyers even in the colder months.

So, is winter a good time to sell your Northern Beaches property?


Hear us out.

There are several great advantages to selling your property in winter that can help you get the best deal and even increase the value of your property.

Here are just some of the key reasons why winter is a good time to sell your home in the Northern Beaches:

Sell your house or apartment this winter

  1. You can take advantage of the reduced competition. Fewer properties are listed on the market during the colder months – which puts your property in an advantageous position. In a less competitive market, you can position your property more strategically to get noticed by more of the market, and subsequently, attract great offers.
  2. You can target serious buyers and leverage online marketing.

    Given the limited number of listings during the winter season, the buyers who remain actively searching during this time are highly motivated – probably with a strict timeline to follow and typically keen to make a purchase decision faster and opt for smooth transactions.

    Because of unpredictable weather conditions, these buyers also tend to look online, which helps to showcase the unique features of your home with comprehensive digital marketing strategies for maximum exposure (something we specialise in!).

  3. You can showcase the Northern Beaches lifestyle. Outside of the peak beach season, Sydney’s Northern Beaches still have a vibrant day and nightlife, which restaurants, cafes, activities and events. This gives you the opportunity to highlight the year-round vibrant lifestyle and close-knit community in the region to buyers. They’ll love seeing the other side of the Northern Beaches and feel reassured that it’s not just about the Summer!

Taking advantage of these season-exclusive benefits during the colder months will help you sell your Northern Beaches home faster and at a great price.

Tips for selling your Northern Beaches home this winter

We're here to help sell your home this winter

So, how can you make a successful sale in the Northern Beaches during the colder months?

If you’re planning to sell this winter, here are some steps that you can take to make the most out of selling your property:

  • Stage your property accordingly.

Highlight how cosy your home can be during the winter season by keeping the temperature comfortable during viewings, lighting candles or the fireplace, using winter-themed décor, and showing usable outdoor spaces amidst the cold weather. Speak to our concierge team for all the tips and tricks. 

  • Prepare the exterior of your home, too.

 It helps to show buyers that your place remains attractive from the outside even during the winter by clearing your curb, keeping pathways clear and adding some winter-friendly plants for a pop of colour.

  • Highlight the location’s winter advantages.

 Buyers always get this advice: location, location, location.

So, beyond showing the features of the home, you can also promote go-to amenities in the Northern Beaches during winter such as cosy cafés, like Effie’s Balgowlah, scenic walks, like the Palm Beach Bible Garden Walk, and winter sports facilities, like Brookvale Oval.

  • Be flexible with viewing arrangements.

 With the colder weather and the shorter daylight hours, being extra accommodating to your buyers’ schedules will increase your chances of getting a competitive offer.

Bonus tip: you can do virtual tours, too! You can reuse the videos for multiple buyers and save time both for you and for them (just ask us how!).

  • To make all these easier, work with an experienced local real estate agent.

 Your team at Upstate is experienced in handling Northern Beaches property sales across all seasons, no matter what the weather!

As dedicated property specialists across the entire region, we use a tailored marketing strategy that will help you make the most of your property sale this winter.

Find yourself in a better place this winter with Upstate

At Upstate, our real estate specialists are committed to helping you sell your home with confidence in the winter season. That’s because we’re a big agency, with the heart and determination of a boutique one.

If you’re thinking of selling your residential property on the Northern Beaches, speak to your local Upstate team today. We’ll show you the possibilities that earn excellent results.

We look forward to chatting with you soon.

The Upstate team

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