5 tips to prepare your property for sale in Spring

The longer days and warmer weather are finally here!

This beckons a lot of buyers out from Winter hiding every year, and so, we tend to see smart property owners put their homes on the market now to seize the huge opportunity Spring offers to sell.

Over our 100 years in Sydney real estate, we’ve seen the property market spike every year during Spring and we know this year won’t be any different.

If you’re thinking that this season may be the time to sell, then taking steps to prepare your home now will help you avoid the stress of a last-minute rush to market while maximising your home’s appeal and value to buyers.

Read on to find out more.

Why Spring is an ideal time to sell your property

Spring has always been a busy time in Sydney real estate. So, for a seller, this is an opportune time.

People are generally more motivated to purchase a property as the end of the year is fast approaching. It allows them to move in before or during the Christmas holiday period and settle into their new home before starting the next school year.

This trend results in a seasonal peak in the market with greater sales made during Spring – leading to increased competition, higher prices and a quicker property sale.

5 ways to prepare for a Spring sale

If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that buyers pay more for more value.

So, if you prepare your home before you sell, it will present better and make a real impression on people. The more appealing it is, the more competition from buyers, the better the result.

You can also capitalise on the benefits Spring offers – warmer weather, beautiful gardens and longer days.

So, before you put your property up for sale, here are 5 tips to prepare your home for sale in Spring:

1.Time to Spring clean your space!

Roll up those sleeves and give your property a deep Spring clean. Just like when you invite your friends around to visit, a public Open Home requires your space to be as clean and presentable as possible.

Have your carpets professionally steamed, wipe down those surfaces, mop those floors and don’t forget to polish all the glass doors and windows. This way, the crisp Spring sunshine will illuminate every room in the best light through your sparkling clean windows and throughout your freshly cleaned home.

2. Declutter and depersonalise

When people are looking to purchase a property, they want to imagine how it will look with their own personal touches. So having your photos, trinkets and personal items all over the home can make people feel a little unwelcome.

So, it’s time to declutter, depersonalise and clear out everything for buyers. Consider selling, donating or throwing away anything you’re not using and remove as many personal effects from obvious spaces as possible. Depersonalising your home allows potential buyers to imagine every room as a blank canvas to suit their own personal tastes.

3. Repair and replace anything that’s broken

It’s easy to overlook the tiniest flaws in your home, but potential buyers are not as forgiving. Flaws like a creaky window, a broken tap, a blown light or a loose doorknob can cause prospective buyers to question the overall condition of your home and reduce their interest. So, if there’s anything you can fix easily, get it sorted now.

Or you can ask our Upstate Residential Concierge team to give you a hand.

4. Revive your outdoor space

The exteriors of a home can make or break the first impressions of a property. The area from the curb to the front yard may end up looking a little dull due to the lingering impact of Winter.

That’s why reviving your lawn or garden is an important step to draw in potential buyers. Paint your fence, plant fresh spring flowers and mow your lawn to make your outdoor space look beautiful and new again. Colours also play a huge part in livening up the space and making the property look more attractive.

If you’re in an apartment, then put in a few indoor plants and a fresh flower box on the verandah or balcony.

5. Hire an expert local real estate agent

Spring is a major selling season in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. There is bound to be a lot of competition from neighbouring areas and homes within the same neighbourhood – you don’t want to get lost in the crowd.

This is why having an experienced local real estate agent is so important. They can make a world of a difference to the result your property achieves in the market. A quality agent will walk you through a successful Spring sale and help you every step of the way.

Upstate can help you achieve a successful property sale in Spring

With Spring here, now is an ideal time to achieve a great result for your Northern Beaches home by preparing your property in the right way. 

So, whether you’re looking for a sign to sell or you just want to discuss your options, talk to us. 

Let’s help you find yourself in a better place this Spring season

Our Sydney real estate specialists can make your Northern Beaches property goals come true. That’s because we’re a big agency, with the heart and determination of a boutique one.  

Speak to your local Upstate team today and we’ll show you the possibilities that earn excellent results. We look forward to chatting with you soon.   

The Upstate team .

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