Marketing your property to sell

How to Market Your Property to Achieve the Best Sale Price

So, you’ve decided to sell your home.

Of course, like any property owner, you’re probably wondering how to get the best possible price when going from for sale to sold!

Well, take it from us: it’s through effective real estate marketing.

In this article, let’s explore the benefits of listing your property with Upstate, as well as how our Residential Sales team can help you achieve the best result with our tried-and-true property marketing approach.

First things first…

Why you should list your property with Upstate

Here at Upstate, we offer so many benefits when it comes to selling your property in Sydney. In fact, we like to say that if you’re not selling with us, you’re selling yourself short.

Our unique real estate sales approach takes everything the industry currently does and flips it on its head to provide you with a refreshing and holistic method to get the best price when selling your property.

Don’t believe us? It’s all about the proof!

Check out some of our real estate results from the last financial year.

Of course, so much of our success comes down to the expertise and skill of our Residential Sales team. Each of our dedicated real estate specialists knows exactly what it takes to achieve great results every time when selling in Sydney.

Here’s how Upstate sells your property

When you choose Upstate to sell your Northern Beaches home, our agents work with you step-by-step, from agency agreement through to handing over the keys, to help make your selling experience a great one.

Depending on what the market is doing, we can choose to sell either OFF market or ON market to secure the best price. Of course, we always recommend selling by auction where possible.


Well, our sales philosophy is to extract every last dollar from the marketplace to achieve the best possible price for you, and we believe that selling at auction gives us the best opportunity to do this – given there is no ceiling on the sale price.

In doing so, we remove the risk of underselling your home while still getting the best of both worlds, as you’ve always got the option to sell to a standout buyer prior to auction as well.

The auction date also acts as a deadline, helping to create urgency amongst potential buyers. This is a strong negotiation tool that we can use to extract offers prior to auction – something a private treaty sale cannot do.

Breaking down the property sale methods available to you

As the vendor, it’s important to understand each method of sale so we can make the right decisions for your Sydney property.


Our preferred property sale method, an auction places qualified buyers in a competitive environment to sell your property to the highest bidder. In this scenario, supply vs demand typically favours you – resulting in a premium price.

Auctions also protect you and provide more opportunities to capitalise on the strength of the market, either by selling prior to auction, at auction or even after the auction.

At Upstate, our auction process is as follows:

  • We run a 4-week campaign, promoting your property at a conservative starting price, with open homes twice weekly or by appointment
  • We won’t encourage offers for the first two weeks to give all active buyers a chance to see your home. Instead, we gather feedback on price and use this time to gauge how many parties are interested – giving us a clear picture of the market value of your property and what the premium price may be.
  • Based on this feedback, we then work with you to determine whether we continue to take your property to auction or sell privately to a standout buyer.

For Sale – Private Treaty

With a Private Treaty, buyers typically inspect your property based on the advertised price. If you do accept an offer, there’s usually a 5-day cooling off period, unless a 66W certificate is negotiated, making the sale unconditional on exchange.

This method doesn’t have a deadline, but you shouldn’t advertise your property for long periods without selling, as potential buyers may assume there are problems with your home, giving them more leverage during negotiation.

Selling your property by Private Treaty can lead to a lower level of enquiry and activity overall.

Expressions of Interest (EOI)

EOIs allow us to gather offers for your Sydney property without disclosing the asking price.

By giving potential buyers a set timeframe to make an offer, we can test the market and see what interest there is in your property without continuing the process indefinitely.

Off Market

This is where we invite qualified and highly motivated buyers to inspect your Northern Beaches property before it’s advertised to the public. This allows us to gauge the market response and pricing expectations, as well as gather important feedback, before investing in any external marketing options.

Offers can be submitted, reviewed, negotiated and accepted without advertising to the public, and if there’s strong demand for your property, choosing to advertise could help bring about a higher sale price.

So, how does the Upstate team market your Sydney property?

When it comes to real estate marketing in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, we have several exclusive approaches to effectively market your property and achieve the best sale price. These include:

  • Hiring professional Photography, Videography and Copywriting services
  • Designing detailed floorplans
  • Advertising across various online and offline channels, including:
  • Upstate Website
  •  Signboards
  • Print and Social Media
  • Paid Social Campaigns
  • Real Estate Portals such as REA and Domain
  • EDMs delivered to our extensive buyer database

Of course, we also make the home selling process as smooth as possible for you with our Residential Vendor app, giving you 24/7 access to all property updates while you’re selling with us.

Find yourself in a better place with Upstate

At Upstate, our Residential Sales team are committed to helping you sell your Northern Beaches home with confidence. That’s because we’re a big agency, with the heart and determination of a boutique one.

If you’re thinking of selling your residential property on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, our Concierge Team can also help you get it ready to sell – and even increase the value of your property before it’s listed.

So, if you’d like to kickstart your journey with us, fill out our free online property valuation tool or speak to your local Upstate team today.

We’ll show you the possibilities that earn excellent results.

We look forward to chatting with you soon.

The Upstate team

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