Have you checked your wellness levels today?

Mindset and wellbeing coach, Samantha Flook from The Core Health, shares the five nourishing essentials you should be checking daily to find yourself in a better place:

Check your… Mindset

Have you taken time to slow down and ask yourself how you’re feeling? Taking a step back with a simple inhale and exhale has a profound effect on your wellbeing. It not only grounds you, but boosts your happy hormones and limits attachment to overwhelming emotions and thoughts.

Action plan: Sit with three simple rounds of inhales and exhales, three times a day. Focus completely on the breath itself and how you are presently feeling.


Check your… Energy

Are you listening to your body, or pushing it to its limits? We wonder why we are SO tired sometimes when we try to do the same things on repeat, but our energy changes daily.

Action plan: View your whole body as 100% energy from top to toe – where are your energy levels currently sitting? 50%, 75%, 35%? To be able to sit with our energy we have to learn to slow and feed it back to ourselves before constantly giving it out.


Check your…Movement

We all move in different ways suited to our bodies and lifestyles – where can you access simple movement each day? Take the pressure off from chasing a certain amount of time and energy to convince yourself that you have moved enough. We have to re-define where your movement fits in with you right now.

Action plan: How are you choosing to move your body each day? How is it making you feel? If it’s the gym or a walk outside, you must focus on your own definition of movement and simplify to suit your energy.


Check your… Self-care

Self-care goes beyond a bath or a massage; it encompasses how we eat, how we connect with others, how we show up at work, if we allow ourselves to say no to what no longer serves us and say yes to what does!

Action plan: Check in with what you are doing for yourself within your day-to-day actions. Self-care looks at the little acts of kindness you gift yourself wherever you are, without a space or object defining this.


Check your… Creativity

“Where can I bring more joy into this task?” is something I’m sure you rarely ask yourself. We can get so easily caught up in achieving or “adulting” that we forget we can actually make it more enjoyable than just reaching for that result or outcome from our work.

Action plan: When was the last time you added some fun into your work life, relationships, cooking, movement? When was the last time you sat down and did something creative that you used to enjoy? Shift your mindset from “doing and achieving” to “presently creative and fulfilled”.

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