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When it comes to Beaches real estate, one name stands out. With 15 dedicated agents specialising in residential, commercial, and project sales, Upstate has indisputably claimed the spotlight in local real estate.


From Manly to Palm Beach and Elanora Heights to Frenchs Forest, our agents offer unparalleled expertise and market knowledge up and down the Beaches.

Since its inception, Upstate has been driven by a deep-seated passion for the industry and the people we work with. We have secured over 3000 sales since 2013 and a staggering 242,000+ buyer database. But it’s not just about numbers at Upstate; this company knows how to deliver results.


“We currently boast a 20-day average selling time, selling properties 22% faster than the competition, and achieving an auction clearance rate 19% higher than The Beaches average,” says Upstate General Manager, Meschell Howarth.


Recognising the evolving landscape of real estate, Upstate made the bold decision in 2019 to shift to an independent agency and invested in a purpose-built 1000sqm headquarters in Dee Why. This move allowed us to deliver an enterprise-level experience while remaining agile and adaptable in the face of technological advancements.

As a values-led business, our founders also decided early on to build a workplace that staff wanted to be a part of. The Upstate company values are; we are passionate, we support our people, we constantly evolve, we embody wellbeing, and we live our best lives.


“We knew if we attracted, trained, and retained the best people, kept them highly motivated and proud, the needs of our vendors and landlords would be well taken care of,” adds Meschell.

“Our vision is to be curious, seamless, and enthusiastic, with a focus on lifestyle. We’re not just a real estate agency; we’re a lifestyle brand. At Upstate, we can do and say things that no other business in Real Estate can and we are so proud of that.”

Shaping tomorrow

In addition to its deep-seeded set of values, what also sets Upstate apart is its commitment to innovation and customer experience. Embracing a digital-first approach, we boast an in-house digital marketing team and a brilliant user-friendly vendor app.

“Since we started, we have seen the industry evolve and discovered areas of opportunity to simply do things better,” says Upstate Director, Peter Mosedale.

“With the digital revolution and a shift in customer experience expectations, we knew one thing – the traditional real estate model was not future-proof.”

As the world changes every second, so do Upstate who know that being nimble is the key to being the best in the market on any given day.

“We are unrestricted and able to embrace the very best tech from around the globe and offer its advantages to our clients before other agencies can even get it through compliance,” explains Meschell.

In the digital world of Google, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and more Upstate know how to get eyeballs on your property and keep them engaged. With 35% market share of the commercial real estate sector and an average record of 25% above the sale price guide it’s clear to see, what we’re doing works.

And with 70+ real estate entrepreneurs all working together in one office in the heart of the Beaches, Upstate offers an extensive range of services, from residential sales to property management. Our leasing agents are top-notch and manage properties with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Fostering local connections

For over 100 years now, Upstate has been a trusted advisor committed to helping people find themselves in a better place and building a brighter future for all.

Today, the business is renowned not only for their real estate prowess but also their unwavering dedication to fostering vibrant lifestyles, team unity, and engaging with the community we serve. And perhaps our most significant achievement is the impact they’re having on their local community.

“We’re not just selling properties; we’re building relationships and communities,” asserts Peter.

“Real estate transcends mere transactions – it’s about creating connections and nurturing thriving communities.”

Upstate believes in giving back by supporting businesses across the Beaches and young sporting talent through sponsorships. Locals supporting locals
is a sentiment we live by.

Whether facilitating property acquisitions, sales, or leases, Upstate delivers exceptional results, exceeds expectations and sets new standards of excellence in the real estate industry.

As we continue to grow and evolve, one thing remains constant: Upstate breathes excellence. And, whether you’re buying, selling, or leasing, Upstate is a name you can trust to deliver results.


If you’d like to make your next property move with confidence, speak to our team today and find yourself in a better place.


We look forward to chatting with you soon!


The Upstate team

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