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When it comes to real estate, selling and managing properties is just a tiny part of what we do.

At Upstate we live by our mission to be the future of real estate, lead the way when it comes to technology, and help others find themselves in a better place. Not just physically but emotionally and mentally as well.

From our customers, clients, and homeowners, to our passionate team, we love supporting people to thrive and that’s how ‘US’ – our new brand magazine – came to life.

“US is a celebration of business owners and brands who are at the top of their game in fashion and style, lifestyle and luxury, home and design, mind and body, as well as our community,” says Upstate Director, Peter Mosedale. “It’s a great example of what can happen when all the right people come together.”

In 2021, as the world remained rattled from Covid, we decided to focus on collaboration and bringing people back together. What eventuated was ‘US’ – a beautiful, large, coffee table magazine, packed with like-minded brands and inspiring reads. People and places who are not only synonymous with the Northern Beaches lifestyle we love but who also share the values we live by.

“We have been extremely lucky to partner with so many successful businesses and like-minded people on this project,” says Managing Editor, Meschell Howarth

The magazine proudly features globally renowned local chef, Belinda Black, and structural interiors queen, Alanna Smit, to some of the best restaurants, including Berts and The Boathouse Group. To the men behind fashion brands, Zanerobe and Daniel Avakian, and game changers in home and design.

“We set out to create a beautiful magazine that showcases like-minded brands,” says Art Director, Shannon O’Neill. “Even though the world is going digital it’s nice to get off the screen and hold something well made, tactile and luxurious in your hands. And the photography is absolutely stunning.”

From up-and-coming artisans like Alana Maria, to Australia’s iconic Coco Republic, we connected with a community of leaders.

And then there are the household names in luxury, from Porsche, Riviera, and Sydney Seaplanes to some of the best getaways our country has to offer, including Halcyon House and Lilypad Palm Beach.

And nothing at Upstate would be complete without our community, especially the clubs and local sporting talent we support.

This special first edition would not have been possible without a seamless collaboration with local publishing business, All Bases Covered.

US was a brilliant idea and another layer in bringing the Upstate brand to life. We worked closely with the whole team and loved seeing the magazine through, from initial concept to completion,” says Megan Vickery, from All Bases Covered. 

Creating US magazine was certainly a team effort. A huge thanks goes out to all our contributors and creative partners who continually have our back and support our new ideas.

“We had a lot of fun making the magazine and we hope the spectacular imagery and memorable stories help you find yourself in a better place,” says Content Manager, Brigitte Elasi.

Enjoy the magazine and thanks for being part of our story.

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