Designed masterpiece – A shipment of Dreams.

Upstate x Pony Rider x Alanna Smit Collaboration Brings You A Luxury Family Home Made Entirely Of Shipping Containers!

Take a browse through the finest homes on the market, and they all boast one thing in common. And, ironically enough, what they share in common is never the same.

They all have an identity.

A home should be more than a building – it should be a reflection of the individual. A space where days and nights in are elevated to moments in paradise. Where your daily ritual is given a sense of occasion, not a sense of repetition.

And if there’s any property that offers this, it’s 113 McCarrs Creek Road, Church Point . This stunning home began its life as a collection of used shipping containers. Add some world-class engineering, picture-perfect land, crafty interior decorators, and stunning additions, and you arrive at a home unlike any other.

To prove it, we’ll take you through how the average day feels in this modern industrial revolution.

The Bedroom

Your day starts with the warm Eastern sun gently kissing you awake. The tranquil forest surrounds break the light just enough to stop the fierce sunlight from jolting you awake. But similarly, the natural lighting from the wide glass windows, combined with the wooden floors make rising in the morning easier than it’s ever felt.

The Kitchen

As you move into the kitchen to start your day, the stunning symmetry gives the room a rare sense of cleanliness, and ease. Even on those busy mornings, a freshly-ground coffee is worth savouring over the views out to the forest. It’s one of few moments that’s just as pleasurable in rain, hail or shine.

And when dinner time rolls around, you’ll have all the space and features you need to cook in comfort. The bench space, appliances, storage and breathtaking lighting turn every plate into the canvas of a Masterchef.

The Living Room

The clever conversion of the container offers you near 360-degree views out over the forest, all from the comfort of your own living room. Sure, you can settle in at night with your best blanket and watch the latest blockbuster. But even in low light, you’ll struggle to pull yourself away from the views over the forest.

The Design

Spending weekends at home can truly feel like an escape for the senses. The lush canopy of the forest, combined with the light timber theme of the home feels worlds away from the hustle and bustle of work. It truly is a case of an industrial revolution snatching you away from the modern information age.

The idea behind the Ex-cargo home

You could pitch a thousand reasons why a homemade from ex-shipping containers was a fantastic idea. The concept of recycling is sound enough – before you get to the costs, practicality, and simplicity.

But above all else, it’s character. Each room you step into reminds you that it was once its own being – with its own purpose. What each room once held will remain a mystery, but it all adds depth to what’s already an unbelievable home.

How this dream can be your reality

In a rather rare moment of opportunity, you can make this home your own. For a private tour, simply reach out to Lachlan Yeates on 0414 660 033 or Kirsten Bertram on 0404 887 693 from Upstate today.

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