Introducing Australia’s First Commercial Vendor App: selling commercial property is now even easier

As a digital-first real estate agency we are always at the forefront of new technology that helps provide a seamless experience for our clients.

Get your mobile devices ready because we’ve launched our brand-new Commercial Property Vendor app. After the incredible success of our Residential Vendor app, which gives 24/7 access to all property updates while selling, we’ve now launched our commercial property version.

As the #1 property group on the Northern Beaches for Commercial Sales & Leasing, Upstate is ready to help you find the right commercial property investor, developer or buyer.

Here’s a quick rundown of our Commercial Vendor app to show you all the benefits it offers, right at your fingertips.

Introducing Upstate’s Commercial Vendor App

At Upstate, we are proud to be the first real estate agency to launch a smart mobile vendor app for commercial property sales.

Our goal is simple: to achieve the best possible outcome for your commercial sales campaign.

Through our new Commercial Vendor app, you’ll have full transparency over your commercial property’s performance all from your phone, with live updates just a tap away.

You also get online messenger, text and phone call access to your Upstate commercial listing agents who are your partners throughout the whole selling process. They have the experience, the skills and expertise you can depend on to sell your commercial property to the perfect buyer so you can achieve a great result.

Features of Upstate’s Commercial Vendor App

Our Commercial Vendor app is built entirely for your convenience so you have all the information and updates you need via your smartphone.

Here are some of the great features:

  • Current Campaign Section

You’ll immediately see a live dashboard that shows you the latest: 

  • Number of enquiries  
  • Inspection attendee numbers  
  • Number of contracts issued 
  • Number of offers submitted 
  • The highest offer price 
  • Number of cold, warm or hot leads 

  • Contact Section

Here, you’ll find the contact details of your listing agents whenever you wish to speak to them. This way, you’re always within reach.

Upstate is also committed to continuously enhancing our vendor apps so that we can always provide the best possible selling experience in Australia.

Experience the benefits of the Commercial Vendor App today

Our commercial property team have prepared a free demo for you so you can give it a test run.

Keen to give it a try? Enter your details below and we will send it through shortly:

How to use the app

  1. Open the email from Upstate.
  2. Click on the unique link.
  3. Click on the upstate logo.
  4. iPhone users: Scroll down and save it to your home screen.
  5. A short tutorial will guide you through the app.

We hope you enjoy this new property listing feature – If you have any questions or require more assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Regards, The Upstate Team

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