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Structural interiors Queen and Northern Beaches local, Alanna Smit, is passionate about creating beautiful homes that function for the future. Her world is one of sustainability, beauty and inspiration.

When Alanna Smit moved to the Northern Beaches 14 years ago, she was juggling her small yet rapidly growing business, an extensive home renovation and three bouncing babies. She would go on to become one of Australia’s most sought-after home interior specialists.

“My business was much smaller back then, but things have a way of growing and evolving,” she smiles. “It wasn’t always easy juggling a young family and a career, but it has been worth the perseverance.”

Now, when she’s not working on a project alongside one of the many reputable construction businesses on the Northern Beaches, or enjoying time at the beach with daughters, Maisie and Penelope, and son, Sam, you’ll mostly find Alanna dreaming up an exciting new home idea.

“I love creating homes that will grow with a family through different stages of their lives. Most of my clients want a home that is beautiful, but they also want longevity in terms of structural design.”

From Palm Beach to Bowral and up to Byron Bay, Smit has clients all over NSW and is happiest designing dream homes to last the test of time.

“On average I can spend up to three years with a client – I’m with them from the very first meeting and design concept phase to post-build, so we become very close.

“One of my first jobs was for a lovely family in Palm Beach who had three teenage daughters. Now, her kids are grown up and she has grandkids – I love seeing those relationships evolve.”

“Most of the time, I encourage people to invest in their property so they get the most out of it,” she continues. “I teach them you can’t just design for just now. I encourage people to think differently and consider pieces they’ll have forever.”

Personally, Alanna loves homes inspired by tropical living and grounds this islandesque style with her trademark earthiness and choice of timeless materials. She is also 100% committed to designing dwellings that respect the environment.

“Fortunately, most of my clients share my passion for environmentally sensitive design. They want to understand how objects and furnishings are manufactured and where they come from. They are interested in craftsmanship, locally made materials and supplies.

“One of the best things about my clients is they want to be educated and honour the surrounding environment, so they can build a sustainable home that functions for the future.”

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PAGE 94 – 97 // US

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