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As a Creative and Design professional, Shannon highlights the power of the Upstate brand to capture a lot of attention. She has a sharp sense for design and communications, which leads to success across everything she works on including collateral design, property project concepts and much more.

Backed by knowledge and expertise gained from reputable design institutes, together with experience working with prominent advertising professionals and running her own business, Shannon is an asset to our team. In fact, she played a huge part in launching and rolling out the Upstate brand from its inception back in 2018! It was a massive challenge, but she was able to help Upstate stand out for all the right reasons by producing beautiful visuals and maintaining the brand’s integrity.

Shannon’s attention to detail, eye for design and analytical skills allow her to build and maintain a premium brand for all property needs. After a battle with cancer in 2020, she is stronger and more motivated than ever to overcome any marketing challenge!

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