8 Services A Good Property Manager Should Be Offering

Ask yourself: as a Landlord, do you feel like the people in this video?

If not, it may be time to talk to our team.

As a landlord with an investment property, you will probably understand how much management is actually required. From maintenance, insurance, admin, strategy, upkeep, rental collection, inspections, leasing and advertising, it can be quite a lot to take on.

If you’re lucky enough, you have a fantastic Leasing and Property Management team taking care of this all for you while you get on with life!

We interviewed one of our long-term clients, Sarah, recently and she said, “I’m a mother of three and I work full time. I don’t have time, so having everything managed under one roof… you can’t ask for more.”

While we loved the excellent feedback, it this made us realise something.

Landlords are busy, but they still appreciate being kept in the loop. Sure, a Property Manager will send you regular updates on your property, but what about the bigger picture?

So, we decided to act.

The Upstate Landlord Information and Appreciation Evening 

As a savvy Landlord, you want to maximise the investment return for your property, while ensuring that it’s well-maintained over the long-term.

However, where’s the balance between keeping in touch with your property team, and micromanaging? This is why decided to hold an event to bring everyone together!

In March, Upstate hosted a landlord information and appreciation evening aimed to help people achieve their property investment goals. Over 150 attended, and we presented industry insights, key market trends and strategies about how to grow property wealth effectively.

We invited all current and future investors and landlords to come down to our new Upstate office, which provided a platform to share our advice on how to reach your maximum investment goals, as well as ways to improve your property’s rental potential.

It also provided an opportunity to meet our dedicated Property Management team who work tirelessly behind the success of our rental properties.

We’d love to see you at the next one!

To view all of our upcoming events, click here.

The 8 services a good Property Manager should be offering

During this event, we explained what an effective Property Manager should be doing for you.

If you’re a landlord, you want a Property Manager who is taking excellent care of your investment while providing advice to get the best outcome.

But what does that actually look like? Here’s a quick checklist to help you judge for yourself.

  1. You know them personally – A great PM takes them time to get to know you, so you have peace of mind knowing they’ve got your best interests at heart.
  2. Strategic communication – They let you know about important updates about your property, without harassing you with minor details.
  3. They understand the numbers – Investment is a profit-seeking venture, so your PM should fully understand this.
  4. Maintenance just works – Whatever you have stipulated about maintenance requirements, a good PM conducts research into quality services and provides quotes to find a quick solution every time.
  5. They’re active – They should be proactive across everything before it becomes a bigger issue. This includes preparing when your rental agreements are finishing, so that they can either get your tenant to resign or look for a new one. This way, they’re never caught unaware and your property left vacant.
  6. The latest tech is just a given – Digital advancements in the real estate space offer you a lot of benefits, such as a login portal and digital inspection reports. Your PM should use these to make your life easier.
  7. They listen! – Nothing is worse than a PM who you can never get on the phone and then ignores your 3 voicemails. You want someone who answers your questions.
  8. They’re backed by a great team – A property manager backed by a team of other real estate professionals means you get a whole group of expertise in one!

How did your own current Property Management team fare with this checklist?

At Upstate, this is what we do! All 8 are thoroughly covered.

How can Upstate help you?

At Upstate, we take Leasing and Property Management very seriously.

From units and townhouses to homes and large water-side mansions, our mantra is to offer landlords a new lease on leasing by treating each property as if it were our own.

Our team are all locals who are passionate about property across the Sydney Northern Beaches region. Sure, other agencies may say this, but we actually live and breathe these ideals. That’s why we’re different.

Come by and see for yourself! Give us a call on 9971 9000 or click here to contact us for a quick discussion about your property.

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We look forward to chatting with you soon.

Signing off (and always here to help),
Your local Upstate team

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